A Step At A Time

During church service last week I realized something about myself which got me smiling behind my face mask. I started a new church last year and it hasn’t been easy for me. I moved from one Baptist church to another so I never thought I would struggle to adjust until I started. The first Sunday was ok. I didn’t see much difference. I think it because it was my first day..lol. The struggle started after that. I loved my praises, worship and song ministration times because their choir was good(some of my new church members won’t agree with this..lol). I also enjoyed the Bible study time. They were practising a joint Bible study time due to Covid 19 and the moderators are good. They do well getting the entire congregation involved in the discussions. I’m sure you will be wondering what my struggle was then. The service was nice and but it was slow. I would always find myself struggling to keep my eyes open right after the song ministration. I am not the type that sleeps during church service unless the preacher man was really slow and I just couldn’t bring myself to concentrate. The other reasons I find myself sleeping is when I stay up late on Saturdays. I was not experiencing any of the above so I just didn’t get it. The service was slow but the preacher men were good. I just didn’t know how but I was always doozing off. I sometimes stopped worrying myself about people watching me sleep at church and slept. I convinced myself it is because I’m used to children’s service and could be why I’m struggling with adult service but I knew it wasn’t entirely true. I decided to change my sitting place from upstairs to the main auditorium. I did my best to stop this bad habit of sleeping during service and I just realized on Sunday that I had stopped sleeping in church. I hope it stays that way. Can I hear an Amen!!!. That was why I was smiling behind my face mask. I was wide awake listening to the preacher man and taking notes.

As I smiled, it somehow encouraged me because the latter part of 2020 to 2021 has been one challenging time for my family and I. I found myself mostly singing one step at a time, a Sunday school song when I’m alone just to encourage myself. I downloaded Jordan Spark’s one step at a time and it has been on repeat on my music player. These two songs make a whole lot of meaning to me in ways I cannot begin to explain but if you started your 2021 how some people started, you will come to understand that in this year all you need to do is take a step at a time. If that’s all you can do, then take it from me it’s enough. We all agreed 2020 wasn’t the year we all expected but we made it through. However most of us were hopeful about this year. I saw that hope all around during the first week of January. Friends social media posts were full of hope for the year. Churches theme for the year was all centred around the theme of hope.  However, a month into the year and we are realizing it is a continuation of 2020. Yes, it’s a continuation of the past year and for some of us nothing is really changing. Just when we thought everything was moving on smoothly, we got hit again. The Covid 19 situation seems to be getting worse all over the world especially here in Ghana as we wait patiently for the vaccine.

Let me tell you how my sleeping situation encouraged me on sunday. Yes, things could be looking bad but I’ve learnt to take one step at a time. A day at a time. One goal after another. Little here and there. It might not look significant but just give it time and you will realize you’ve come far. So like how I’ve gradually overcome my bad habit of sleeping in church, I believe I will gradually go through this year, the situation I find myself in and every challenge that comes my way. Our God, our help in ages past, is still our hope for years to come. We are not loosing hope because things are not going as expected. Not at all. It’s not going to be easy but know that we shall overcome. It starts with a step at a time.

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  1. Indeed a step at a tym

  2. A step in the right direction. The storm will be over and remember everything is “Time”.

  3. Only one step at a time, this is the way the Lord will lead you….I miss Sunday school

  4. I see🤔🤔… Well done dear… one step at a time

  5. A step at a time as we keep hope alive!

    1. Definitely

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