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So I turn thirty this year. I actually have less than five months. I have been thinking about things every person – emphasis on a woman – needs to have done before she turns thirty. I went online to read a few blogs on that and I realized some things ran through fromLearning a new language, travelling, saving and investing, learning to cook, taking risk, facing your fears and yes living alone. There are quite a lot of things people think you need to do before you turn 30. Hmmm 3y3 asem o. As I read through them, I realized most of these things would no longer work for me because I’m almost thirty. With less than five months, and looking at my self critically, most of the items on those bucket lists cannot be done by me. Well, not before I turn thirty. Possibly after that age. It made me a bit sad. My twenties went away like the blink of an eye. It hit me in various ways I never thought it would. I only remember when I turned twenty, twenty-five and twenty-nine. The years between these, I have no idea how they went by.

I’m a very organized girl. I like to plan everything. I like to plan ahead. I don’t like unforeseen circumstances.  I like to have control over everything that happens in my life. I always knew where I was going right from my teens. I can say I had my life planned, not with all the details, but I knew where and what I wanted to do. So then I shouldn’t be here with less than five months to my thirtieth birthday reading online what I needed to do before turning thirty. What the hell am I doing on Google with things to do before you turn thirty???? The only explanation for this is LIFE!!!!

If there’s something I know about life, it’s simply this: It goes on. So even though my twenties didn’t go as planned, even though life screwed me up so well that I didn’t have the strength to plan a bucket list to achieve before thirty years, life goes on!! Anyway, who even cares about bucket lists in Ghana ?. All they care about is where you work, the car you drive, the money you have, if you’re married with children and others.

Notwithstanding the above, I am going to make a bucket list for my thirties. I am calling it “Akua Black on 30”. In my twenties, I usually got depressed whenever I made resolutions or set targets and goals I couldn’t accomplish. So one year, I decided to live with no resolutions, no goals, no aims, nothing. ??. Trust me it was a cool year. I didn’t feel depressed because I didn’t set out to do anything that year. ??. It’s not the best always, I know. Not suggesting that you should try it. However, being more mature and knowing myself better now, I’m making this bucket list to challenge me but at the same time to cut myself some slack. I make my list.

Akua Black on 30

  1. Learn a new language: Ga. Yeah!! What were you expecting? French?
  2. Take a trip to a beach resort for a weekend, just to rest. Shanghai in mind.
  3. Change my eating habits and actually get serious about gaining weight. I’m booking an appointment with a dietician/nutritionist before my thirtieth birthday.
  4. Learn how to drive, and swim. I don’t know why it’s taking me this long to do these.
  5. Save money from my side gigs to chill often. Once in a while chilling be slow.
  6. Be thankful and give back. It’s a habit I never want to stop. I pray I grow more at this in my thirties.
  7. Not hold grudges. Let it go. CC: mouth, watch what you say.
  8. Maintain great friendships and make quality friends.
  9. Be Happy. Practice more of self care and self love.
  10. Be financially independent.

NB: Other items will be added on to this list as I accomplish those already listed. So help me God.

Don’t let the bad situations you went through in life stop you. Live again. I know life can be hard, but it goes on, so you need to go on as well. You don’t need to have a bucket list. Just strive to live a day at a time and enjoy the moments. Do your best to achieve little things like being positive, smiling in the mist of the storms and before you know it, you would be ticking done on any bucket list you make as God willed. The important thing in life is how you end, not necessarily how you start. Sweetheart live!!

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  1. Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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  3. Yep…the “34 bucket” list continues!

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  4. Go girl. Enjoy your new age wen it comes.

    1. I will Mara

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