Becareful Of What You Ask For

I went through my Facebook timeline and I saw some interesting short write ups I put there years ago. I though I would share some from time to time so here’s the first one. I wrote this about 10 years ago. Mind you, smart phones were not advanced like they are now and children were not good with using phones like they are now. It was the message that came with the story for me. I believe it’s still relevant in our time. So here it goes:

Life without children would not be nice at all. Today my two years old sister, Maame Yaa came to me and asked for my phone. I smiled at first and then wondered what she needed it for. Being a typical Ghanaian, i answered by asking what she needed it for. Her answer got my brother and I laughing hysterically.
Maame Yaa: Me di b)) game kakraa.( I want to play game on it)
You should have seen the look on her face as she said that. She looked very serious. Can u imagine!! She is just two years. What on earth made her think of that, when she could not even operate the phone. But I loved her attitude of asking. Most of us have the right attitude of asking from God. But have we thought of how some of our request will crack God up there. Just like Kids we might innocently ask but of what use will it be for us. Like Maame Yaa, we might not even know the how about it though we are sure of what we want. As the year has began, lets ask God to direct us in our desires. So that we don’t end up asking and seeking for things which would satisfy for a while but in the long run will be of no use to us.

There it is. After reading it, I’m thinking about some prayers I said and things I used to desire back then. We heard a young lady on TV saying she desires to have five children. I am certain that, after three her desires will vanish?? . Are you sure you would have wanted God to answer some prayers you said years ago looking at where you are now? I’m talking about those prayers we said concerning some relationships in the past, that work you thought you really needed, that thing you thought you couldn’t do without. I’m here thanking God he didn’t grant the silly things I asked for. ??. Going forward let’s be guided by what we ask God in prayer and also what we wish for in our hearts because I know that, most of the times, what you think of and desire comes to you. The first four months of the year is over. I don’t know what you are asking for in prayer but I do pray that God answers you accordingly to his perfect will for your life. Before you say a prayer with a long list of requests, think about it well. When you sit, think and desire, reflect on it well. Be mindful of what you ask for, because we might just have it.

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  1. Say it again.5 children indeed…!

    1. ????

  2. Interesting read!

    1. Thanks Christabel

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