I always imagine how the Israelites felt the day they crossed over to the other side of the Red Sea. I imagine it was a mixed feeling amongst them. Some were filled with the joy of leaving the land of slavery. Some might have been happy but scared of the uncertainty of the journey they were making. At that scary point of the journey when they walked on dry land in the middle of the ocean, I know a lot happened than what is recorded in the Bible. You see the fear wasn’t just the Egyptians chasing them. Believe me, some of them wished the Egyptians had caught up with them and sent them back to Egypt rather than walking in the middle of the ocean. The thoughts that ran through their heads were a lot; what if the sea closed up and they all drown? Ok, even if they are able to cross, what will happen after their heroic walk of freedom? Where were they going? Where would they sleep? What would they eat after they exhaust all their food? A lot of questions I believe were running through their minds. 

There are two times in my life I go through this feeling of the Israelites. The first one is when it’s getting close to my birthday. There was a period in my life I dreaded my birthday. I make a lot of noise about my birthday. I’m always excited about the new age and the gift of life but when I start thinking about where my life is headed, what I’m achieving, what I did the previous years as against what I wanted to, I get scared and feel down. Birthdays are times I reflect on my life. Though it’s a good exercise I dread it sometimes because I have to face the truth about my life. We all know what they say about the truth. The life I know I have, not the one I show on the outside. The “real face” is seen when I look into the mirror after cleaning the make-up I show to the world. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

The next one is when the year is about to end. I usually get into that mood after Boxing Day. That’s when I plan for the coming year. That’s when I review my year. That’s when I make the New Year’s resolutions…lol. I make realistic ones by the way.  That’s when I start sighing a lot. It’s that time of the year again when I start feeling like the Israelites, and I know I’m not alone.

Some of us are excited about the coming year. We strongly believe things are going to change for good in the coming year. We feel we are leaving the land or should I say the year of slavery, hardship and the like and moving on to freedom and better days – a new beginning. Sometimes I see the New Year as a new page, a fresh start. Other times I see the New Year as a continuation of the previous; what if nothing really changes. Because most of the times nothing really changes. It is just another Wednesday!. The future(2020 and beyond) is a continuation of the present. But you see, there’s always the fear of the future. Some people are dreading the coming year. But hey, the future is not certain and so what? At a point in my life, I would always say, “what do I stand to lose” when I had to make a bold step into the future. I have lost so much in the past already so why should I fear to lose? I step into the future hoping to gain this time, if I don’t, it’s just another loss like the ones in the past and they don’t stop me. 

I’ve decided to stick with the positive side of myself. There are numerous uncertainties about the coming year but I’m ready to unravel them. I know a new year doesn’t mean everything is going to be fine. The Israelites met more dangers and faced far more difficult times after crossing over but when I remember how it ended, I beam with smiles because I know I will also find rest in my promise land. 

Let nothing stop you!

Cross over boldly and with hope because the future, as they say, is always bright!!! 

Cheers to a marvelous 2020!?

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