So it happened I had to go to site one Friday morning. I went straight from the house to Berekusu. There are several route to get me there. Either I use the Pokuase road, Madina road or Dome/Kwabenya. Pokuase and Madina roads were best options. Better road compared to the other but I opted for the Dome/Kwabenya road. The road that can abort a pregnancy. You know what they say about short cuts. So I picked a troski(public transport) from Lapaz. I was the last one to get on board. As we journeyed I realized everyone droped at one place or the other and i was the only one left in the car. The driver and conductor decided to get more passengers from Chantan or so. I was still in the car. They loaded the car with more passengers and we set off.

Then again almost everyone in the car started alighting again. Yes i was dropping close to the last stop but why did it look and feel i was the only one going there. Then it occured to me how we all had different destinations. Not just in the troski that morning but also in life. Atimes it feels like you are the last in all things like i was in the bus at Lapas. The last to get a good job, the last to get married, the last to get a promotion, the last to get pregnant and have a baby, I can go on and on, but do not worry because people await you to also move on. Only God knows how long the first person had been sitting in the troski patiently waiting for the last person so that the car could set off.

Other times it feels we will never get to our destinations. You know how it feels to set out to start that business, that project or even that relationship and marriage but it’s not going as planned, as you  anticipated and yet your friends are doing so good at what they set out to do. You are tempted to follow the crowd especially when everyone seems to have arrived except you. During such times you can feel lost and frustrated. The time the driver decided to take more people at a place, i said “Chantan or so” because i didn’t know where i was at that time. I felt so lost. I felt i was in a wrong car. I wanted to alight and go back to Lapaz. Yeah, you will feel you are in the wrong direction. If only we can have a little patience and be persistent within this phase of our life.

Atimes all the people you started life with moves ahead and you feel burdened. Your class mates you graduated University with are managers, others running their own companies, travelling all over the world, living in nice houses and driving big cars.  It seems they are no where to be found when you compare your life to theirs. They are outside the country causing change in the world, others married and occupied with family. Its feels soo lonely. The depression start when the young ones who looked up to you as a big brother or sister also moves ahead of you and makes it big.  

But in all these times don’t give up. Believe it or not your destination is different. The plan of God for you is different. He says in Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the plans i have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Feel free to think, it is normal but don’t let it get the better part of you.

To console yourself know that you will surely get to your destination before someone (Not that it matters, not at all). Yeah, when i was alighting at my destination a youngman was still in the troski. He was still journeying to his own destination.

I will paraphrase something Rev Eastwood Anaba said, I refuse to let someone use his or her testimony to intimidate me. My story is different from yours. My destination is different from yours. I am a PREVAILER. You are a PREVAILER!! You are STRONGER!!!.  You are on the Lords SIDE. He’s GOT you. Your destination is different. Your story is DIFFERENT and UNIQUE.

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