Don’t Look Down

For months now I’ve been literally forced to listen to Joy FM in the morning. I’m a Citi FM girl but I find myself tuned in to Joy and there’s nothing I can do. One of the things I really miss now is listening to the Citi Breakfast show but life goes on and I’m beginning to like Joy FM because I’m always tuned in?.

It was one of those days when I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying but I had heard them talking about the weight loss challenge through exercise several times and that day they brought some of the people who took up the challenge to the studio. I always say God has a reason for creating me slim because I’m lazy at exercising so if I was a plus size girl I would have just loved my self and never worked  So I couldn’t be bothered about a discussion on losing weight through exercise. I wasn’t paying attention to them till I heard one lady say she’s lost 3Kg and that she use to be 80Kg and now she’s 77Kg. Then I went like 3Kg p3 and she’s happy like that. Another lady said she had lost 4Kg and even the host of the program had also lost 5Kg and she was now 65Kg.

After listening to them and their excitements about the weight loss I realized it wasn’t “Just” 3Kg, 4Kg and 5Kg they had lost. They had lost part of a burden and a worry. Immediately I told my colleague that I’m wrong in saying that because this means a lot to them. I don’t have any extra weight I need to lose so I don’t know the pain and how difficult it is to even loose 1Kg. I get sad when I lose weight so I didn’t understand why they get happy when they do and in term looked down on their achievement. 

I remembered my excitement when I went to the hospital and stood on the scale and I weight 51.7 Kg. I told everyone I could tell that I’ve gained weight and I’m still broadcasting it??. I had gained 3Kg and I was excited…and I didn’t see it as just but someone lost the same 3Kg and it was Just. Shame on me!!

My colleague and I ended up having a conversation on not looking down on people’s hard work and achievements. God made us all different. Some people are smarter than others. Everyone has their area of strength and weaknesses. So when someone achieves something in your opinion is nothing or “just” remember this don’t look down on it. It might come easy to you but to them, it was a challenge they’ve been able to overcome and for that, you need to cheer them up to do more. And there’s something they can also easily achieve that he will struggle with. 

Growing up with my siblings, I could roll my tongue and do all kinds of weird things with it that my siblings couldn’t. I felt happy about it till my brother also learnt or realized one day he could also do something with his tongue which I tried and tried but couldn’t. And oh my sister can bend and bite her toenails. I will end up with broken bones if I ever forced myself to do that. All I’m saying is this, don’t look down on people’s hard work and achievements no matter how insignificant it may be because you are not a superhuman yourself and you wouldn’t like people to look down on your hard work either.

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  1. Hmmm we need to appreciate every effort of people.

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