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All I could say was “Thank You, Daddy”. Eiii God has been good o. If you lack the ability to look back or the ability of remembrance you will always be ungrateful. I know it’s not always good to live in the past or look back often. But there comes a time in your life you need to take a look at how far you’ve come. 

I was reading through my notes on my phone to find a write up to share this week. Nothing got my attention throughout the week to write about so I had to visit my achieves. It always comes through for me on days my mind decides to take a break and gives me nothing to write about. I chanced on a birthday letter I wrote to my friend. I couldn’t help smiling as I read the letter. It came straight from my heart. Herh I can write ?. As I smiled and teased myself for that “essay”, I also remembered what motivated me to write it. Apart from the fact that I did not want to do the norm as everyone else, either texting or posting a picture on Facebook and on Whatsapp status to wish my friend a happy birthday, I also had no birthday gift for my friend!. I was “broke”. I was unapologetically broke to the core. All efforts to get money to get a gift for my friend didn’t work out. I sadly watched the days pass by and finally, the birthday came and I didn’t have a gift to give. It’s not compulsory to get people gifts on their birthday you may argue. And my friend being a guy meant it wasn’t going to be a big deal if I didn’t get him anything but oh mine, I couldn’t stop thinking. So on that day, I don’t know how but I got some money. I am sure I borrowed it from sisters purse…lol. I got him Kingsbite Chocolate. The smallest size or was it medium?? Yes and I wrote that Long essay to make up for giving him almost nothing on his birthday. I didn’t feel good about the gift I gave him. It however, was actually a good birthday for him. He really appreciated the gift and that made me feel a bit ok. 

As I read the letter and laughed at myself, I remembered his birthday this year and all I could say was God thank you. You are too much! This year I was able to give my friend a “good” birthday gift without any struggles. It came easy that I totally forgot how I struggled some years back when his birthday was drawing closer. It’s been over five months since his birthday and I’m now remembering all this and how good God has been to me.

The month of November is a Thanksgiving month. In this, month let’s stop thinking about all the hardships we are going through. All the things that have clouded our minds and is preventing us from seeing that God has been good to us. You know what, I’m not where I want to be at this time of the year when the year has almost ended but it doesn’t mean God hasn’t been good. I recently looked at my goals for 2019 and it didn’t look all that good but God has been good. Some years ago I was having a discussion with some friends in November about thanksgiving and I shared with them how keeping journals of what happens in my life has given me enough reasons to thank God. Those were really some hard times in my life but as I read about how the year has been for me, even in the midst of all the difficulties I could say thank you. Things might not be good, it could have even gotten worse but have you considered the fact that you have two legs that function perfectly well?

We lack the attitude of Thanksgiving because we can’t remember. We lack the attitude of Thanksgiving because we easily take things for granted. It’s not by default you sleep and wake up every morning my dear. We lack the attitude of Thanksgiving because we are not content with the little we have, we keep looking at what others have. We lack the attitude of Thanksgiving because we are too worked up about our present situations. 

Maybe, if we count our blessings, naming them one by one as the songwriter said, it will surprise us to see the good things God has done and with a grateful heart say thank you. Maybe, if we could look back and pause, we will be grateful for how far we’ve come. Maybe, if we could take a look at our family and even friends and all the good that has happened in their lives, we will have enough reasons to thank God. Maybe, if we could think about how strong we are physically, the good health we enjoy, the bed we sleep on, the roof over our heads, the food we eat, the air we breath, the clothes we wear, the love we receive from friends, family, and God, we will have reasons to thank God. Maybe….with grateful hearts we will appreciate God for his love towards us..and like me go like “God you do all!! You are too much. Thank you”

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  1. Indeed we have to be grateful for every minute of life.

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