Grace for Grace

I don’t see myself as a vocal person. Sometimes with people, I’m conversant with, I talk and I joke a lot. But if I should have a one on one conversation, you won’t like me. Especially when we are not friends because even with friends I struggle to have a nice conversation often. I can’t keep a conversation going unless you are my chochomucho 😁. However, I can do better writing, so I do better with chats than conversations. I can have an amazing relationship with you on the phone but it will be tragic when I meet you in person. With this trait of writing, I thought providing one write up for a week for my blog wasn’t going to be hard. I could just write about anything I come across because I’ve thought myself to not just find inspiration about everything but to also write about them. So when my friend said he was going to help with the blog if only I could provide one write up a week, I didn’t think twice about it. I said Yes let’s do this. I had some write-ups written already so I thought it would be easy.

So we started All I had to do was write. My friend would do the posting and my personal photographer will find the right pictures for each story. I have wonderful friends who prompted me on typos and grammar mistakes. I had others who analyzed the write-ups and criticized me. It helped in my writing. I had more people who loved what I wrote and urged me on. The best part was when a friend volunteered to proofread for me. She’s an English madam. Geyhey girl a oti brofo, Queen Elizabeth koraa entumi nu..😀😀 and she gave it her best, adding up and making the write-up wonderful. It was all going well till we all got really busy with workload.

I’m sitting at church now as I write this. It’s a Saturday at approximately 11:30 am. My write up for the week should have been posted by now. But it had not been posted. My friend asked me this morning and I told him I will get it to him soon. For the past two weeks, all I say is Holy Spirit gives me something to write. Pressure from work, ministry, life and something I can’t even put a finger on makes it difficult to get inspired to write. It wasn’t easy as I thought it would be. So I’m sitting at my second favourite place at church, the gallery. The second row, under the fan and trying to write a drama for children’s Day at the same time reading other people’s blog and now writing for my own blog.

I don’t even know what I’m writing about. All I know is I’m writing. I don’t have a message but when I tried to save this and get back to it later I got not just a title for this write-up but a message.  I looked up and saw this Grace for Grace. John 1:16. So I saved it Grace for Grace. Yes, that’s what God wanted me to know and write about. GRACE!!

Out of His abundance, we have all received one grace after another.

I love the message bible version more:

We all live off his generous bounty, gift after gift after gift.

God has already given us grace for life. It’s not a matter of he is now coming to grace us, no!. He has already and the interesting aspect is that we have received it all already. It’s like this, you have a gift, “grace”, wrapped nicely in a box with a red bow on it signed to you. We have all as Christians received it but not all of us have opened it up to actually enjoy the gift called grace. There’s grace for us. There’s grace for me and all the things I have to do. There’s grace to handle that situation. There’s grace to go through that storm. There’s grace to carry on. There’s grace, as far as you open it up as a daughter and son of the Most high.

There’s nothing unheard of in this world that Grace has not been made available for. Ask Apostle Paul about his tong in the flesh. He pleaded with God to take it away as you and I do but what did He tell him, My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness. He wasn’t now bringing him grace, his grace was sufficient for him. He had it already. He just needed to know that, that grace was sufficient for him.

Even though we have grace, it sometimes gets tough. I just told you about Apostle Paul. Prophet Elijah even went through it, how much more you and I.  After the grace to kill all the prophets of Baal, a threat from Jezebel got him running for his life and craving for death. Didn’t he know that grace was still available to him?

I just told God all my fears and doubts and this is what he says, he’s given me Grace for Grace. There’s grace to carry it out. I want to also tell you this: You reading this blog, there’s grace available for that issue. I know we are halfway through the year and you are wondering what you’ve achieved this year. Don’t get worked up. There’s grace for you.  


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  2. Indeed there is Grace for Grace. Needed this.👐🏾

    1. We bless God.

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