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Let’s continue with ‘crushes’. Today I’m moving from the bible crush to my life crush. Before I even start, if you’ve never had a crush on anyone please stop reading. This write up is not for you. Seriously, do we have anyone who never had a crush on someone in school, church, or in your neighbourhood and in a movie?  Then you missed out a lot on feeling silly around someone for no reason and feeling excited for no reason. I have had a lot of crushes in my life for various reasons. I once had a crush on a guy because of his hair. Whenever I saw him, I smiled in my head. I still have a thing for hairy guys especially those with the bushy eyebrows…

Having a crush on someone has been defined as having a passing infatuation on someone. It’s also defined as a feeling of love and admiration for someone, often someone you know you cannot have a relationship with according to Macmillan dictionary. My brothers think having a crush on someone usually happens when you are young. You eventually get over it as you grow. I kind of agree with them because I’m over a lot of crushes and the number of people I use to crush on keeps decreasing by the day. A male friend claims its forms the basis of knowing what love really is and what you look out for in a future partner.

Enough with the long lecture on crushes Akua, just get started..lol. Ok, so I don’t have just one crush, I have a few of them. In no order of priority here we go. This guy has been a crush for years now. I love his physical look, his dedication to his career and his love for his family especially his two beautiful twin girls. Meet Willian Borges Da Silva. He is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for the best Premier League Club Chelsea Football Club and Brazil National Team.  I’ve been following him for years on Instagram. Crushing on him as a Chelsea player, as a dad, right from when the twins were babies, his presence in their lives and how he pampers them, his lovely pictures with his girlfriend and now wife. He is just amazing and he looks like a calm and collected guy. I’ve grown to like the calm guys more so yes I’m definitely crushing on him. Again he is a Christian, that kind of Christian who propagates his faith. It’s cool to see him post stuff about his faith. You know I like criff guys. The final thing about him I love is when he posts this, “Don’t kill my Vibe”. He surrounds himself with good and positive vibes no matter how good or bad Chelsea played and is ready to tell the world not to kill his vibe,  in order words, everyone should also have some good vibes instead of walking around with bad vibes no matter what situation you find yourself in.

The next person is Tudor Bismarck. He is a Zimbabwean Pastor. I first encountered him some years ago at Greater Works, a Christian conference. He started talking and I fell in love with him. Then he actually started preaching and he blew my mind with the word of God. He gets your attention, he gives you an introduction to his message, gives you more content, backs it with facts and figures if he has to, and then he hits you with the rhema. He gets you wondering if it’s the same Bible story and verse you know because he brings a revelation and life to the word that you can’t get seated and just listen, you raise on your feet and soak the word like how my class 5 teacher used to soak his cane in water..lol( I need to write about that man).  It blows your mind. Oh and he loves his wife, Chichi. You should hear him talk about Chichi when she is not with him during Greater works, and when she’s around ha!!!, he makes me wanna marry asap. Sitting under his voice is always a blessing and he will forever be a reason for not missing Greater works.

The last crush I will talk about today is a guy I can’t remember. I can’t seem to tell who it was but I know I had a crush on him and whenever I read this poem I wrote about him, I have the crush all over again. So I dedicate this to all my other crushes I couldn’t talk about today and my future ones. Take a read.

I dream of you,
You and I all alone
Where there will be nothing like sorrow
A place that knows no pain
Except for love.
Love that surpasses all understanding
A place where I can behold your love forever
Where my heart will overflow with your love.
I dream of you,
You and I all alone
Where you will hold me in your bosom
Embrace me with your loving arms
Look in my eye and smile.
I dream of you,
You and I all alone
As we spend endless time talking
Telling me all that I want to know
I dream of you, my crush
And it will always remain a dream
Never to be known by my crush
And forever kept as a secret to my pillow
The carrier of the head, with a dream of her love.

That’s the sad end of having a crush. You will end up crushing. They might never get to know that you have a crush on them. I end with my definition of a crush. A crush is someone you admire and love for reasons unique to you, someone you might never have a relationship with, someone who might never get to know about your admiration for them but you don’t give a damn about. My three crushes might never get to know I admire them but I don’t care. I will still crush them. Oh, and I know a crush that ‘came true’…like what they say ‘dreams come true’. You think I’m lying, ask Rapunzel!!! So keep crushing, yours might have a happily ever after ending.


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