History will Remember

After the last write up on the Palm tree, I got people replying to me personally about how they enjoyed and learnt from it. However, a childhood friend told me he was expecting to read something about the Coronavirus instead of what I posted. Yes, it was good but the times we are in, he was expecting something related to it. Seriously, it hadn’t occurred to me. I was reading so much on Covid-19 but the last thing on my mind was writing about it. So for a week, I thought of what to write. At a point, I thought it wasn’t necessary because a lot had been said about it already until I chanced on the Status of my brother Nana. It was a poem written by Donna Ashworth. I needed to be sure she wrote it before I quote her as writer and indeed she did, I ended up loving other things she had written…but this poem has become a favourite of mine in these times, “History will remember when the world stopped”. Take your time and read through it twice and let’s continue our conversation.

The poem sums up everything I think I wanted to write about Covid 19. It hasn’t been easy but I have decided not to let fear get the greater part of me from the day I heard Ghana had recorded some cases. I remember how I woke up one morning and put on my data and read that schools and social gatherings had been banned for four weeks. I was sure there was something the government was hiding from us because I never saw this coming. I go to work and I sense the fear in the conversation of colleagues. Fear that makes them do everything they hear can help fight the virus. Out of nowhere, we wash our hands often. Some people literally bath with the sanitizer. I’m taking vitamin C every morning. We look everywhere for banana and oranges to buy. I don’t want to talk about the panic buying and price hikes. Out of nowhere, we are concerned about our immune system and boosting it to fight any virus what so ever. We are concerned about our lives that we are no longer interested in holding hands, shaking each other, hugging not to talk of kissing. We couldn’t agree less with social distancing. It’s like we woke up and the world started becoming a different place. On Monday, it took me less than 15 minutes to get to work when I make that same journey in 40minutes. It was supposed to make me feel happy but it scared me. People are hiding in their homes. The doctors say that’s the best for now. Truthfully I wish I don’t have to risk my health every morning picking troski and taxi’s going to work and going back home in the evening. So you can imagine how relieved I was when I woke up today and heard of the two weeks quarantine. I keep hope by reminding my self that there are more recoveries than dead. When I think about all these, I assure my self saying this too shall pass. After all, doesn’t the good book say heaven and earth will pass except the word of God? So look into that word that will never pass and assure yourself that it is well.

Yes, I believe it will end soon. After it ends it will become a story to pass on to the next generation. History will indeed remember. Remember when shaking of hands was forbidden. Washing of hands and using sanitizer became a ritual. We will remember when the last place we wanted to be as Africans was Europe..lol. When school children stayed home for the first time not because of vacation or teachers on strike. We will remember how we came straight home from work and sat with families talking about the Corona Virus and bonding as one. We will remember how peoples right of movement was infringed on and no one complained. We will share with the next generation how we were quarantined in our homes. We will remember when the nation of Ghana and many others for the first time went before the Lord in prayer and fasting. History will indeed remember.

And when it’s finally gone, yes when Corona Virus leaves, we will share a heart felt hug. We will dress in all white and enter our temples, with a heart of thanksgiving, sing songs of praise and adoration. We will shake hands and tap our backs. Yes!, We made it. We will kiss and feel comfortable around each other. We will walk hand in hand and not fear. We will hold waist and arms and feel free to sneeze and receive a God bless you. But until then, let’s stay safe. Remember to draw closer to your maker in all these. Above all please stay at Home!!.

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