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My favourite movie in 2019 is a 2012 movie titled Stuck in Love. I’ve watched this movie five times already but I will watch it again. The story dwells on the “broken” home of a family. Mummy cheats on her husband and leaves him for a younger guy. Their daughter, Samantha, who witnesses it, is affected- she refuses to believe in love let alone fall in one and hates her mum- she ends up being “promiscuous” as her brother refers to her. Their son who is just a weird guy who admires a girl in class can’t bring himself to hate his mum like his sister. The father of these two is still in love with his wife, he awaits her return because he believes she will come back. 

I believe in love. I can write about love for a month and not get tired. I think the world and people in it are better when there’s love all around. Where would some of us have been but for the love showed us by God, family, friends and even strangers? Surprisingly, all I see around me is love. I know it’s a mind’s thing but I love Love so all I see around is Love. Two situations from the movie got me reckoning how we are better people and achieve more when we feel loved. 

The first situation is about Samantha. Seeing her mother, a woman she looked up to, cheating on her father does a lot of damage to her as a teenager. In her case, she doesn’t only become rebellious but promiscuous as well. To her, there was no need in wasting time and effort loving people who could abuse and reject the love she gave them. Perhaps, if you’ve been badly hurt in love, you would understand her, you might even be like her and enter relationships for the fun of it. The fear of being hurt at the end of the day and the fear of betrayal is what has put many people off about love. Often, you may hear accounts on how someone was betrayed or hurt by another they trusted, you hardly hear the other side, the story about people who hurt and betrayed others in love…lol. Samantha, however, with time finds herself falling in love with a guy and in one scene she admits her love for him, in tears she tells him not to break her heart which is her fear of love.

Let’s consider Samantha’s dad who never got over his wife and believed she will come back to him. He was a writer and for two years after his wife left him, he couldn’t write again. It was as though his ability to write was tied to his wife’s love for him. For those two years, he always set a plate for his wife at dinner with the hope that she will come back. His daughter asked him why he did that and he confessed to her how he also in the past left his wife but she waited for him and took him back, so he was also waiting for her. Well, just when he was about to give up on waiting she came back. 

Many people have been hurt in love. I usually say Love is wicked to mean both the negative and positive. Wicked as a negative word and wicked as a slang meaning good and excellent. I usually refer to the slang though. We all wish we find the slang “love is wicked” but Charley we know not all of us have been lucky in love. I love that movie because it taught me that no matter how bad your love goes, you can decide not to let it rule your thoughts and life. You can always decide to be a better person in love no matter how wicked (negative) love has been to you. That’s why I don’t agree when people say all men are the same or all women are the same. The fact that a particular guy was ruthless to you doesn’t mean the next guy you meet is also a ruthless guy. A lady cheated on you, so every woman in the world is unfaithful. Oh Really! Keep on thinking like that, and you will never find joy and peace of mind because you will live the rest of your life suspecting every human being on the planet. Let’s see how far that will take you. 

I saw how better their lives became when they gave love a place in their hearts. 

I recommend the right kind of love for us all. Not the kind that abuses you, not the kind that makes you feel less of a person, a love that only gives you headaches. My dear, all I have to say is that a love that doesn’t make you a better person or doesn’t make you want to be one is no love at all. Any kind of love should be one that enhances your life. That causes you to be a better person for yourself and the world at large. Isn’t that what love is all about?

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  1. The right Love make you a better person.

  2. The right Love make you a better person

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