I did it!

I was back on site. Very tired and excited at the same time. I did it. I kept telling myself. I couldn’t stop smiling. The look you have on your face when you do something good your parents didn’t expect and praises you in front of your older siblings.๐Ÿ˜Ž I tried it three weeks ago. But I got to a point and turned back. Headed straight to the site, telling myself it’s too far. I work part time as a Project Coordinator for the construction of a residential building. One thing that I look forward to every day at site is the view of my love. The ocean.!! I see the sea from my building site at New Botianor (a suburb of Accra). It looks very close. But don’t be deceived it’s far. No vehicle passes in front of the site to the sea shore because the road is terrible. The only way left is to walk there. I had always wanted to visit the sea since I stepped foot on the site two years ago but i never did till today.

It was 12 noon. I didn’t really have much doing. I had finished reading a book and I had no business in the steel bending work going on so i hit the road. The initial plan was to get pass where I stopped last three weeks but not necessarily get to the seashore. Just a walk to keep me occupied and do some thinking, I told myself.

Off i went, i got to my first stop and surprisingly i didn’t feel tired like i did three weeks ago, so i went on and on and on. The more i went, the closer i felt to the sea, the more i felt the chilled breeze of the wind from the sea and the more i heard the sound of the waves. I felt excited. There was no turning back till i got to the seashore. Then i saw a road ahead. Immediately i knew i was there because i had been told there was a road close to the sea shore. I increased my pace and tadaaa ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was there. Hahahahaha!!

I couldn’t stop laughing and feeling proud of myself. I walked to a canoe and sat to catch my breath. I was tired. I closed my eyes and took it all in. It was the best feeling I had experienced that day. After catching my breath, i walked along the shore picking up shells. I saw a crab having a feast on a dead fish. I rolled up my jeans and walked into the sea. I found the perfect spot for myself. I was having a nice time until i saw a man gone nut walking along the beach towards my end.ย    ( I’m scared of them). My excitements ended. I walked back as fast as i could to the canoe which was a bit far from him and where i could easily run away in case he came towards me. I stood there spying the man hoping he passed quick so i could go back. This man stopped and started drawing at my spot. As he stood there doing his thing I decided to go back. But i couldn’t let this man bring my trip to an end just like that. I stayed a while observing his movement then like forever he went his way. I was happy and went back to my spot at the shore, walking in the sea, running away from high tides and all.

I realized that day that nothing good and exciting comes easy. My experience at the beach might not look like a big achievement to you but for a girl with a lot on my mind, it meant the world to me. And if you don’t make an effort to work at something forget it. It took me two good years to make this trip to the sea shore. I missed out on all this just because I choose to sit and observe from a far.ย And yes it’s ok to start and stop, like I did when I tried it three weeks earlier, but don’t let it end at that, build new strategies, courage and go back at it harder than before. Finally when u get to your destination, it could only be the beginning of another journey because you would face more fears than you even did when you started. Unexpected struggles and new challenges will come your way. The last thing I thought of was meeting a lunatic at the beach..but I did and he nearly made me quit. Be faithful to your passion and you will get there. Not just there but more places.

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  1. Thank you for spurring us on. You ๐Ÿค˜. Keep writing hun.

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