I Love Me!

For some time now I’ve been thinking about self-love. I actually use to feel it was selfish to think about it and be all about self-love. After all, my manual for life tells me to love my neighbour as myself. Then like scales falling out of my eyes, I realized it actually said love your neighbour AS YOURSELF. Akua as yourself not more than yourself or less done yourself. And you need to learn how to LOVE YOURSELF before you can actually love others. The same measure of love you have for yourself is what you give to others. No wonder I’ve been struggling with loving others. I never thought myself to love me enough and here I am trying to actually love the world more. It’s doesn’t work like that!

Love yourself just as you would love your neighbour

I believe in living for others. I actually side with an opinion or a saying that says the best way to live is to live for others. I believe in meeting the needs of others and being there physically, emotionally, financially and all the other ..ally for people especially people we love and sometimes surprising people we hardly know. That’s the best way to live but when you don’t do the same for yourself, then you are not living. You are being fake to yourself. I’ve come to realize it doesn’t actually take much to love yourself. I’m not there yet but day by day I try to love me more. 

I Love Me!

During the past weekend, I decided to spend a little bit more on myself. It wasn’t easy. I kept thinking about all the other things I needed money for(mostly the needs of others).  But all I needed for me was not even that much however here I was finding reasons to put me last. I decided to give myself a little treat. So I got myself a new braid, not my kind of braid.. lol. I went in for a pedicure and manicure…got a chilled drink afterward and just enjoyed loving me. It didn’t cost much but it was fulfilling. 

Take care of yourself too

It doesn’t take much to love yourself. That’s all I’m saying. Getting your hair braided and having a pedicure and manicure is normal, you might say, but for once, it showed me how loving ourself are made up of normal, insignificant things like that. Yours could be actually saying No to that person. That’s simple. Our even walking out of that circle of friends who make you feel less of yourself. We know it but we hardly do it for ourselves. We need to learn to be there for ourselves. Pamper yourselves. Get ourselves nice gifts once in a while. Feel love for ourselves. I’ve come to realize that waiting for people to make us feel loved isn’t always the way out. They can actually leave you feeling depressed and sad. No one apart from God? can love you the way you love you and even more.  I’m I making sense?!..lol. Enough with giving others wonderful bits of advice when you are there breaking down slowly. Give your self the needed peep talks. Tell yourself these: You will be fine… God’s got you… Maybe you should try doing it the other way… Silly girl… Oh, fior… And so what?!…. I love me. 

Go get the braids – you deserve it!

We need to practice it. Lately no one encourages me more than i do for myself. The vim I give myself I sometimes wonder. Ask yourself this. When was the last time you had a good laugh with yourself? When was the last time you did something you’ve always wanted to do for yourself? When was the last time you fulfilled a promise you made to your self? When was the last time you loved you? When was the last time you stopped to think about yourself or actually put your needs and emotions first?. It might look selfish but Charley sometimes you’ve got to love yourself just a little more than you have in years. A friend likes to put on her status “be at peace with yourself”. Whatever it means she knows but I think we need to be at a place of peace and sound mind with ourselves first before we can share that peace and love with others. And it all starts with loving the Lord your God and also loving yourself.

A trip to the beach won’t be a bad idea either!

Let’s challenge ourselves for the rest of the year. It will be called loving me. Love yourself more every day. Deliberately do it. Do things that make you happy and is good for you. Learn to smile and laugh more. And oh don’t forget to have a dance with you and keep telling yourself this I LOVE ME!!

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  1. Nice one, love yourself and you can truly share the love for others. I realized this some time back and girl, the stress has come down.??

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