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I know I don’t need to wait for valentine’s Day to tell that special person I love them. I also know I will call anyone who waits till valentine’s Day to tell the world about a love they have for another as “face looking”. Guess what, today I’m breaking all the rules. I have a good reason to. You see there are people who come into our lives and we begin to question every relationship we’ve ever been in. You begin to ask yourself why you settled with the people you did in the past. Why you “fooled” yourself for years. Sometimes you ask God why he didn’t let you meet them earlier than you did. You know life would not have gone the way it did if you had met them a year ago. Last year I visited a good friend at Kumasi. We hadn’t seen each other for over seven years after University so we had a lot of catching up to do. Amongst this was the topic of love and relationships. As we spoke about terrible relationships we found ourselves in, she shared how she found herself with a guy who didn’t appreciate her. What makes these painful are when he’s that kind of guy you will keep seeing around with his new girl. It wasn’t easy for her but as she kept talking she thanked God for that situation and how she rose above that and meet a good guy. I remember how she beamed with smiles as she told me about her love. What made her love him was how he understood her and loved her despite her weakness. How he told her the truth in love and made her a better person. He was no superman but he made time for her and loved her. I couldn’t go for their wedding but as I watched the videos and pictures I knew she had found a home. In this season of love, I think the world needs to know that true love exists. When you find one, let them know you appreciate their love. So today I write as a beloved to a lover. Here we go…

It's been a while I wrote to you
Not that I don't want to
It's definitely not deliberate
It's just not on paper
Neither is it typed out
But God knows I always do 
If only you could see the tablet of my heart
You would see your name written all over 
You would read about the love I have for you
Read about how I thank God always for you
Read about how I yearn to spend eternity with you
So today I type it out...
Like an essay for a pass mark
I spell out how I feel 
But when it comes to you I don't need to impress anyone.
Maybe that's why I sometimes forget to write it out.
But today I pour it all out here
"Baby I love you.."
I know you know...
But I will say it again
"I love you"
And again
"I love you"
And keep reminding you that...
"I love you!!"
And even though the storms will rise
"I love you"
Even though I will get you mad
"I love you"
Even though I will be mad at you
"I love you"
All I need you to know is this
"I love you...!!"

I look back and get amazed
I remember how you use to check up on me
How I saw you as a friend and nothing else
No, I couldn't love you
He is too Criff for my liking
And he's short
I convinced myself...☺️
But you still stayed
You were that friend I told about the heartaches
You were that friend I told about all the mistakes
But you never judged
He just listened 
He just stayed by my side
Never got scared of my past
Telling me I was a good person when I knew I wasn't
Then gradually the tables began to turn
The scales began to fall from my eyes
I realized you meant more to me than a friend
I realized I loved you
Not just as a friend
I loved you enough to spend my life with
I got jealous when any lady came close
I had to act fast
So I started flirting
Then we were behaving like we didn't care
But God knows I did care 
I was drawing your attention to me
But all we did was chat and talk
Like we always do...
I don't know how it happened
But what we always do got more interesting...
Our chats and conversations got someway
It became more personal
We opened up more and more 
We shared secrets
We shared our hopes and fears
Without realising we shared our love...
Our love for one another...
And here we are 
N & A
Now and Always
A love we will share now and always.
I thank God for you.
I thank God for us.
I thank God for the love you have for me
I thank God that that love is 100%
I thank God that it was you I ended up with
I thank God it's you I will spend my life with
I thank God that you will be my children's dad
I thank God that it's you I will grow old with
I thank God for giving me you.

Your beloved.🥰
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