Leaving a Legend – Story of Otto Pfister

Today let’s talk about football. Football times demand a football write up, right? I know the last thing some people in Ghana want to hear about is our team’s failure to bring home the cup. However, we can never stop talking about it because everyone in one way or the other has been or will be drawn to this sporting activity – if not on the club level, the national level or even in our own circles where we have football matches organized for fun. No matter how much people claim they don’t like football, when their country is playing in the finals of any major tournament, a part of them (no matter how small) support their country. That’s exactly how German football manager, Otto Martin Pfister, in 1991 got every Ghanaian crazy for the Black Starlets, the under-17 Ghana football team, when he took them to the finals of FIFA U-17 world cup in Italy. He didn’t just take them there, they brought the cup home, something the Black Stars have been denying us for thirty-five good years. Hmmm. I won’t talk about that now.  I believe that was how he found a lasting place in the hearts of Ghanaians. It was a great achievement for Ghana some 27 years ago. I was a little girl then and don’t remember anything but I hear it was a great day for Ghanaians. 

Fast forward to present day Ghana, Otto Martin Pfister is still a household name. Ok, let me take the Martin away, Otto Pfister. It rings a bell now. He is still very popular in Ghana not for winning that trophy. People hardly know or even remember him for that. Otto Pfister is a style of dressing!!. According to sources, he was small in size. He had a small waist and getting trousers his size back then was a challenge. Come to think of it, was anyone wearing trousers their sizes back then?!! The end result of this was his trousers always sagged. The way Ghanaians can copy and over copy anything once they begin to love and idolize it saw the young men dressing like him, having their trousers sagging all in the name of Otto Pfister!!! Since I was a little girl and don’t remember any of this, I decided to read more about him for the sake of curiosity.

The 81-year-old man has achieved a lot in his lifetime. He is one of Germany’s most successful football manager, with numerous honors and awards. He has impacted countries across the world. I think he is a living legend and will forever be a legend. Yeah, he’s a legend but that’s not what made me write about him. We all need to live our lives in a manner that would make us legends. If not to the world, at least in our families. 

It’s his unconventional style of dressing that made me write about him. People have spoken and keep speaking about this way of dressing. It can be annoying and uncouth among the youth. Showing off their boxer shorts, mostly dirty, all in the name of Otto Pfister. But you see it’s not going anyway. The young grow out of it only for the upcoming generation to also do the same. I know friends who always had their trousers on their hip but they no longer do that. But you see even in his old age, Otto Pfister still wears his jeans on his hip and not on his waist. I saw pictures of him not looking skinny and his trousers still on his hips with his shirt neatly tucked in. That is his brand. And his brand in a way has become his legend. A legend he left for Ghanaians. His brand has left him a name which for over 20years is still popular. How many young people in Ghana know him as a football manager?? All they know is that it’s the name of a dressing style. No matter how you see this brand, it’s been trending for years and it’s still trending.

Charley, find your brand. Be yourself. What may look “unconditional” as used in Google for his style of dressing is what has made him known to every Ghanaian. That thing about you that looks unusual might just be your breakthrough. I’m reading a book that says some weirdos are great people. It might look weird now but just wait, don’t let it go, hold on to it a little while and you never know, it would be the biggest thing to ever happen. So though I personally don’t think it’s cool for guys to walk around with their trousers sagging on their hips, I smile when I think of how one person’s brand affected the style of dressing of a whole nation. Now that’s leaving a legend!!!

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  1. Great insight!
    Never taken pains to look up the name anyway because its quite annoying especially because of how my generation has abused that name.
    Its refreshing though to know a bit of his legendary life.
    Long live Otto Pfister.
    Thumbs up, Melaningirl.

    1. Thanks Afariwa.

  2. I was old enough to see him work. He is a legend indeed. Lovely read.

    1. Thanks Daddy

  3. I love it Akua…..Thanks

    1. Welcome Yvonne.

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