Little Things Matter

My sister has an annoying attitude of giving very loud farts when you least expect her, as well as the silent smelly killers. She is unapologetic about this. Whenever we get angry and tell her to stop, she goes like “There is someone at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital with his legs hanging in the air. All he needs to do is to fart and go home but he can’t. Allow me to fart to the glory of God.” This is one of the reasons I hardly miss my sister since she moved out. I know we all fart but the timing and place people do it is sometimes absurd. I had a farting experience last week I want to share with you.

There are three things I fear most when I visit the hospital. I know I’m older now, however, I still can’t get over my fear of injections; the whole process of intravenous infusions a.k.a drips, and finally spending the night at the hospital. All my fears came to pass when I got hospitalized last Tuesday. The nurses sent me to a room with two little boys. I was wondering if they knew I was a Sunday school teacher and sent me there instead of the female ward.  It took six attempts by the nurse to locate a vein, and I started crying at the end of the first attempt. The little boys looked at me with sad faces while the nurses annoyingly told me ‘I LOVE MY BODY’. I couldn’t blame them, it wasn’t their fault, my veins are hard to locate. In spite of that, the sight of all the blood and the pain made it hurt and they were annoying me because my pain wasn’t a big deal to them since this was a daily routine for them.

After all my drama, I laid down to rest. But the rest did not come. It was the turn of one of the little boys to also start his drama. He was screaming and crying. The boy was in serious pain. His reactions looked like the pain was coming from his stomach. Nothing hurts more than stomach aches and headaches, so I really empathized with him. The boy was interesting though. He would do all that drama for 5 minutes and then go silent – playing with his toy car. Just when I’d begin to doze off, he’d start the screaming and crying again.  I knew that I was not going to sleep that night after his second bout. I couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with the boy. Now, it no longer looked like a drama. This boy was in severe pain. After thirty minutes, his father came over to sit by him to console him. It was a sad scene. It reminded me of my dad and me when I was younger. The man looked exhausted and had worry written all over his face. After a while, I asked the man what was wrong with his son. After all, we were ward neighbours now.

The little boy was suffering from digestive gas pain. The long and short of it was that- he had excessive gas in his stomach which needed to come out and also he needed to poop – which was not happening. The boy had been in the hospital for the past three days and all he did was scream and cry when the pain hit him. He was too little to go through this pain. Listening to his dad talk, I gathered he was a single parent, and he was struggling in life. He didn’t have enough money to give him good food, not to talk of fruits and vegetables (those can sometimes be very expensive). This and other reasons I might not know of is the reason behind the little boy’s pain. The little money he had now had all been spent on the hospital bills. The sad part was that he wasn’t on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Even on the NHIS, I ended up spending quite an amount so….

I remembered my sister and her related fart statement. It dawned on me that it was true that people are hospitalized for not farting. “We need to be grateful everyday for little things”, I kept telling this to myself. Yeah, I was also not well but I wasn’t screaming and crying out of excessive pain. When you wake up and all is well with you, be grateful. It’s not by default. It’s just grace. You can poop every morning and fart whether you eat gob3 (beans) or not. It’s not funny, don’t laugh. We take things for granted. I realised I’ve never said thank you to God for my body being able to excrete waste. Never! I even forgot about my ailment. It was amazing watching the boy go through all that.

I took to the internet to read about it. I googled about “how many times a healthy person should fart in a day”. A healthy person passes gas an average of 13 to 21 times per day. Again holding your fart in is a bad practice. There is more to say, however, I want you to research for yourself. There’s a lot to learn. Let’s not take little things for granted. Furthermore, we should always be thankful.

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  1. Thanks Akua black for sharing. This reminds me of the verse in the Bible which says give thanks in all things(good or bad). Bless you my dear

    1. Amen!. God bless you too

  2. True, we really take a lot of things for granted. We think it’s normal to wake-up in the morning and go about our daily activities. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. It was a great read and an eye opener to some of things we assume are normal and part of life

    God bless you for honoring this call to share Amen

    1. Amen

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