Facebook woke up one day and decided to bring back memories on our timelines. I think the person who brought up that idea is very creative. It’s one of the features I love on that social media space and I know others who love it too. There are times things I don’t remember writing, pop up and other time, I wonder what may have prompted the things I had written years back. Not to talk of the hilarious pictures and those posts I wrote in shorthand. I dislike shorthand writing with a passion now; it, therefore, amazes me to see that I used to write like that. Two memories I chanced on, got me writing this. It actually an extended version of the memory Facebook brought back. Here it goes.

I remember my first few days at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology were nice days. I spent the time visiting friends and moving from hall to hall. Attending drink up parties and a lot of fun activities till lectures started. I remember within the first month or so, we were given a project assignment😩 and numerous group assignments. Every thought of having fun and the free life I envisaged for the university just ‘cleared from my eyes’. I remember how I was at the library one time with a friend getting our assignments done when another friend called me that they were leaving for “old school reunion”. I was close to tears that day. I had planned to attend that event but there I was on the day sitting in the library. As if all these were not bad enough, I just couldn’t see the head and tail of Financial Mathematics. My biggest fear in life has always been math. I remember how I used to hide in senior high school when the math papers were being distributed after they had been marked by the teacher. I always knew I wasn’t going to score anything above 40 percent. My dad’s prayer for me during SSSCE was ‘God we need a miracle in her math exam’. So you can understand how I was always confused during financial math lecture time and even after. And oh God, my classmates were too known. Especially the few ones who sat in front and understood the lecturer… In fact, some even learnt ahead so it was yen kokuaa for the lecturer😂😂 leaving the confused ones like myself behind. I remember lying on my bed sad and wondering why I had chosen the program I studied and I called home to tell my dad I wanted to go to University of Cape Coast to read English. I had had enough with financial math and God knows how I escaped trailing by just 3 marks both first and second semester. 

There were a lot of hard times in school. Apart from the academic stress, there was relationship stress, roommates’ stress, broken heart stress and all kinds of stresses😂😂…but three years after school I wrote a short write up saying I wish I had never completed school. Life after school is a different ball game. You can’t just make a phone call and ask for money and receive it. Life is not all centred on one campus. You will think 8 a.m. lectures is hell until you have to wake up at 4 a.m. to join traffic for 2 hours before getting to work where you serve for 9 hours and after, join the evening traffic for 2 hours before getting home. The realization that this could be your life till you turn 60years is what made me wish I had never completed University. You see, even though I thought it was hard, the harder life on Accra streets brought back the good memories of my uni life. 

I had some good memories in KNUST; I look back now and smile. I remember the waakye at Queen’s Hall. That “waakye” was bae and a lifesaver. I remember the drama and choreography groups I belonged to, Mass Drama and Ministering Marshalls. I would give anything to go back for the all-night rehearsals for Intellecto and Inspiropera. It wasn’t just about the dancing and drama, we found bonds that still hold now. We made brothers, sisters and even mothers and fathers there who still are relevant in our lives. Shout out to my daddy Andy!!😜. The drink up people too were there..😂😂. I remember my friends had a drink up party and they served Lipton and added apple juice to the tea. They called it punch. Drink-up parties were fun for me till they decided to be switching off the lights.…😊 But those were good times. 

Even the group project works and assignments were fun at a point. Staying out all night to work together wasn’t that bad after we got used to it at least not for me, because I went through the night with bread with fried eggs and Kalyppo. Studio times were also fun. We could play songs and sing together, chat, move from drawing to drawing dabbing😂😂 and you know you good to go once you are not asked to push your building to the middle😂😂. I joined the same study group from first year to the final year and we were made up of people of different characters. I tell you, we could go for group study meetings and not learn anything. We will talk and laugh for 2 hours and go back to our rooms as if we did something important. I loved that group of people because before ‘I can’t kill myself’ became a thing, we were already practicing it. Shout out to Sexy Micky, Samma, Richie, Show Boy and our only correct shark Antwiwaa, I miss you guys ruff. 

The last memory is the loved one. Sorry if you went to the university and never dated(4-0)… lol. Shout out to those who managed to marry their school beloved, Charley you guys do all. Those of us who ended up with broken hearts and legs say kudos to you. Do you remember the long walks you took on campus holding hands and waist and talking about nothing important…😂😂? How about those who cooked and cleaned for their boyfriends and those who were giving their girlfriends money weekly? The sleepovers as if our parents didn’t pay hostel fees for us. How about the travelling from one campus to another for a weekend away? hmmm. You remember right? I know some of us would love to go back to experience it all again. Others will want to go back to change some silly decisions and actions they took, but sadly it can’t be done. That’s why they are called memories. They can only be looked back on and nothing else.

 However, there is good news. Once we are still alive we can make more memories. A time is coming when we will look back on these times as well, so make it count! Make these new memories worthwhile!! Be deliberate about the kinds of memories you are creating now. It should be one that when you look back at, you would be proud of yourself and smile or even laugh hard. I know the hustles of life can’t be overlooked but guess what, even when you get over one, another one comes up so learn to live in the midst of all the hardships.

 Be deliberate about your life. 

Be happy, laugh, smile, love, touch lives and impact generations. That’s how to make good memories, and above all remember the Lord.

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