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About four years ago, I followed a friend to an educational programme for Senior High School students. We didn’t go there to be part of the event but as vendors to sell popcorn. I remember those days very well. They were the days when girls were “broke”. I remember how I had prayed within that week for “miracle money”. I needed money ruff. And I trusted God to come through for me. So you can imagine my joy when I heard a notification on my phone. It was a Mobile Money (MoMo) alert for Gh¢ 3000. My friend and I concluded there and then that it was the miracle money. Eiii, I mentioned my number to God ooo. I had heard people’s testimonies of receiving miracle money in their bank account and mobile money accounts. We were glad it was our turn today. Finally, I had received my miracle but the amount of money scared me. Four years ago, Gh¢3, 000 wasn’t small money. Even today, I will be grateful if someone gifts me with such an amount.

As I started thinking about these things, I told Asi, my friend, that I think it was a mistake. The owners will call soon. ???. I was praying for miracle money but I guess I wasn’t expecting this much from God. ??. No this one wasn’t my miracle money. ??. Just as I suspected and was waiting for, a lady who introduced herself as a banker at Takoradi called me. She had executed a wrong transaction into my MoMo account. I told myself, ‘S3 mi ka y3’ (I said so) … lol. This was too good to be true. She started pleading with me to send the money back to her. I told her it’s my miracle money so I won’t send it. I prayed to God and he had answered me…??? Ok, the last two sentences are lies. I wish I could have told her that but we were not brought up like that. We were not taught to take things that weren’t ours. We were taught to be good and kind to people. I told her it wasn’t my money, I’m not expecting any money either. I asked her to call MTN and report it so they reverse the payment. I could have just sent it to her but as I told you earlier, the girl was broke. My MoMo account was 0.00 before her Gh¢ 3000 mistakenly entered it. There was no way I could send her that exact amount of money.  I didn’t want to use her money to pay charges either so MTN reversing the payment was the best. I think she had doubts about that because right after talking to her, the branch manager of the bank also called me. Again, I reassured them that I wasn’t going to withdraw the money. They should kindly call MTN to reverse the payments. They did exactly that. After speaking to a worker at MTN about the transaction and giving confirmation for the money to be taken out of my account, my account went back to 0.00. After my account went back to its original state, the little devil in me started giving that see your life now look but I felt good about it. I had an opportunity to be good and I chose to be good. The banker later called to thank me and was indeed amazed that there were good people in Accra because she never thought someone in Accra will send that money back. She told me how that amount would have been deducted from her salary which wasn’t that good. Oh! I was proud of myself. I was a good person.

Just last month I received a text from a friend who needed help. We sometimes ask friends to send as MoMo when we get stranded. I knew it was one of those things so I just forwarded the last money in my MoMo account which was money for my upkeep that week. I thought deeply about it but my friend needed my help then and she’s never asked before so why not. I sent her the MoMo and continued working. I had gone to work early that morning to finish off some task I started the day before. After a while, she sent another message that she needed more. It was unlike her. I said to myself. I took my time to read the first text and I realized it was a fraudster. I immediately called another friend to ask if he knew where that friend was. He wasn’t at work yet so he asked me to contact another person. My suspicions were right. Her phone had been stolen and the thief was sending messages to her contacts to send her MoMo as she was stranded and needed help.  Within 30 minutes every one who heard about the issue came to confirm it. We called MTN to report the fraudsters. We sent them the contact number they were using but they couldn’t do anything about it. The person had withdrawn all the money from the account. For some weird reasons I couldn’t be bothered about it. Yes, I really needed that money but I was just ok. I think it was because I had convinced myself that I did the right thing. I decided to help a friend so I don’t need to feel bad about it even if it didn’t go well. My boss also said the same to me when she heard what had happened. She told me not to feel bad about it at all. I did the right thing. It’s their loss, not mine. I needed not to feel or to think that I wasn’t smart. 

Later that evening, God made me laugh. It was too funny. Out of nowhere, a friend sent me MoMo. Initially, I thought it was for some other purpose but he had undertaken two different transactions with different descriptions. I thought it was a mistake. That was when he told me it wasn’t a mistake. He needed to give me money for something I did for him. I did nothing in my opinion. It had been like two years since that time so why now. Then I heard this scripture in my spirit.

Galatians 6:9

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.

He sent a double of what I thought I had lost that day. He didn’t just restore, He added His blessings to it. I remembered the Takoradi lady I was good to. It was like God was honouring me for not getting tired of doing what is good. God will also honour you for doing what is good if only you do not get weary doing good. 

A taxi driver told me that people are ungrateful and wicked at heart so he has stopped being good. I totally understood him and I know you also do but if we are people of the word/Bible then that shouldn’t be our philosophy in life. People will always take your goodness for granted but it shouldn’t affect the next person or even them if they come asking for your goodness again. I know we need special grace for this because some people think good people are stupid. They will always help even when they are taken for granted and it can hurt. However, I’m here to admonish all of us today and to say that yes, it’s hard and stressful but please let’s not get weary in doing good. And let’s not take people for granted when they are good to us. We need to learn to be grateful and appreciate people for the little they do for us. We all need to make being good nice. I end with a prayer. God will honour us, and we will reap a harvest of blessing this week and beyond for the many times we have been good to people and have not grown weary. Can I hear a big Amen!!!!

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  1. Amen

  2. Amen! Let’s not grow weary in doing good. Great piece

  3. My dad explained ths to is using th cat and the man analogy. The cat was drowning and passerby tried to save it. Anytime the passerby tried to get close to it, it scratched him. After several attempts he was able to save the cat. An onlooker inquired of the passerby why he kept on trying to save the cat after it scratched him several times. The man said ,”it is in the cat’s nature to scratch and it is in my nature to be kind.’

    1. Well said.

  4. This is too good Melanin Girl..
    Keep it up
    God bless you

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