At a point in my life, I felt mother’s day was becoming overrated. I’m a woman. I would love to be celebrated but I just didn’t get the whole fuzz about the day. I silently supported the men, whose day is barely paid attention to till something happened last year.

I was blessed to take seed. Some few weeks into the pregnancy, my respect for mothers had shot up to 300%. I was grateful to God for the wonderful gift he was about to bless me with but I couldn’t help but ask myself why I got pregnant. At a point, I was asking mothers why they had more than one child. What was their inspiration? I just couldn’t “think far” for them. One time, I was on phone with one of my mother’s and I went like “eiii Mama so this is how it is and you had four children”. She laughed and said it’s good I’m experiencing it and will respect mother’s more. We all know others who made pregnancy look desirable. I asked one friend who made the whole pregnancy thing look easy why she didn’t tell us the real truth. All she said was “ this thing will reach every woman so you don’t talk about it”. That was one problem I had with this whole process, no one tells you anything ??. That will be another write-up.

In the past years, I’ve intentionally done a series on various definitions of who a mother is. We all agree that a mother is not just someone who has birth their child but one who has cared for and loved another as their own. I’ve written about women(aunties) who care for other people’s children, Single mothers and stepmothers. This year I’m talking about mothers who took seed and went through the nine months. This write up will be based on my 20% experience? and other people’s experiences. Because I’ve come to realise that I’ve not seen anything yet.
Before I got pregnant, I used to say I will make sure I eat everything I’ve always wanted to when I got pregnant and blame it on cravings. If only I knew. Every pregnancy is different. Some people are lucky. They have a stress free period. Some of us didn’t start well but later got to enjoy it. In the second paragraph, I said I began to wonder why I got pregnant because for some of us, nothing will stay in our tummy in the first trimester and beyond. I remember how I would just throw up anything I ate and at a point even water won’t stay. I remember the nights and days I felt so weak. Walking from the bedroom to my sitting room felt like a marathon . I cried for no reason?. Going to work every morning was one of the lowest times in the first trimester. I remember lying in the couch all dressed up for work one day and crying because the girl couldn’t explain what was happening to her but I knew I was just not myself. The thought of behaving like everything was alright but going to the washroom to spit every now and then, force a smile and even getting something to eat at work every day was something else. On top of it, listen to people say pregnancy is not a disease. We know it’s not a disease but I hope we all agree that it’s not normal either.
I came to understand why mothers go crazy for their children. It reminds me of how a hen protects her chicks. If there’s one thing I’m scared of in this world, it’s getting close to a hen with her chicks. After all, you go through you can’t help but pour out every love you can find in you for your child. The pains of going through labour and pushing a baby out. The life-threatening C-section. Mothers are superheroes. Mothers deserve to be celebrated. How do mothers manage everything and everyone at home? Especially for mothers with more than one boy and wild girls like some stubborn girls I know. Forgive me for thinking our day was overrated, I was just a child and didn’t know what I was saying. Mothers can be annoying and worrisome but we know they will always have our backs. Their day can never be overrated!!

Last week Friday I was exhausted from the week’s activities. I couldn’t even force a smile. I had a lot to do at work that I even skipped lunch. I closed later than I usually do. I had this long face until entered my room. When I closed the door and looked down, I saw my baby looking up at me with a big two tooth smile. It was a priceless moment for me. The long face just vanished as I gave her a bigger smile back. I think this is the inspiration behind the three and four babies. No matter the number of sleepless nights she gives me, I can’t love my baby less. Infact, I forget about it immediately she wakes up and we sing good morning Jesus ??. Yes, I spoke a lot about the not so nice things about being a mother but trust me the happy and good times far outweigh them. I guess that’s why some women do it over and over and over and over again.

I started this write-up weeks ago but I couldn’t find the right conclusion and put it away till this dawn. My madam was fuzzy throughout the night. ECG was to be blamed but madam was overdoing it. At a point, I was like why will you do this to me on mothers’ day. At that point, I knew I had the perfect conclusion for this write-up. This whole motherhood thing is the best place anyone could find herself. It’s full of high and low points. From the happiness of getting a positive test results to the times when you don’t know if you should be happy that you are pregnant or just allow yourself to feel down because pregnancy can be tedious. Then baby arrives and there comes the sleepless nights, taking care of another human being and just praying and hoping that you will be able to do a great job as a mother knowing you will account for them. We have not even started with living with teenagers. It’s something else. I can’t find the word for it. But I want all mothers to know that, you are doing well. You are amazing. Take it a day at a time. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you are doing, I think it’s the same for almost all mothers. Keep trusting God to lead you in this journey. Finally to every woman who desires this. To every woman who is praying for one, I join my faith with yours and declare that God will come through for you. You will also carry your seed full-term and hold your bundle of joy. Till then, enjoy your life. Have all the fun you can think of. Tour every city and country if you can. You will understand later ?.

From the MelaninGirl Team❤️❤️❤️

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