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Growing up, I was very careful what I did outside the house especially when I was alone or with my friends. I also made sure my parents were aware of what I did outside of the house and where I was especially for this one reason. I had a peculiar case, my dad never let me out of the house except for school and to a few places in the community. I endured the ‘stay home’ life and watched friends come in and out of my house to tell me the stories out there.  It was annoying at the time. After Junior High School (JHS), while we awaited our results most of my friends had the liberty to move out of the community to visit friends and mates but I could not. As usual, I will stay home and wait for my friends to come and narrate their trips or to come and tell me of their next trip… it hurt so bad not being out there with them.

One time, my friends told me they wanted to visit another friend of ours at Mamprobi, a suburb of Accra and I told them I would go and planned how to go about it. I told my parents a lie. I made them believe I was in the neighbourhood at Tiwaa’s house. Everything went as planned. I remember that trip to Mamprobi so well because it was fun. The talking and laughter in the Trotro and all the fun we had at my friend’s house. I knew very well I had executed my master plan well till I got home and my dad asked me, “What did you go and do at Mamprobi?” My heart missed a beat there and then..hahaha. I received my punishment for not asking permission and lying about where I went. I kept thinking about how they found out for days until my mum told me that someone my dad works with saw me and called my dad that he had seen a small girl who looked like him at Mamprobi. The informant had only called to ask if my dad had a daughter who looks like him because he couldn’t believe the resemblance. 🙄🙄. Can you imagine? 

That’s how I learnt my lesson and started being conscious of my actions especially out of home. I’ve lived all my life with this story repeating itself over and over. People telling my oldman they’ve seen me here and there. It used to annoy me when total strangers see me and go like “your father is so-and-so eh”. Now I just smile when they ask me or I tell them no he is Recently at work, I attended to a man who kept staring at me. It was annoying but I kept my cool. After attending to him, he went like, your father is so-and-so. I smiled. Then he went on to tell me where I live with my parents. I smiled. He told me to tell my dad he said hi. I said ok. If you have read till this point you should know I stopped giving my dad these regards years ago…😂😂😂😂

I over slept on Tuesday morning. As I was rushing to get to work on time we heard a knock on the door. It was the man I attended to at work. He came with another man. They had some issues and needed my help. I listened to them and told them not to worry but I will handle it for them. The man passed a comment saying he knew that I will help because my father is a helper. As I walked to the office I thought of how my resemblance to my dad has put me in the position to help others. I found myself thinking about my maker. 

The Bible tells us that God created us in his image and likeness. If I am created in the image and likeness of God, I’m supposed to look like Him and behave like Him. I look like my father but I don’t behave like him always. However when it comes to my heavenly father He created me to not just look like Him but to behave like Him and radiate Him to the world. I was wondering if people see that resemblance in me as they see that of my earthly father when they look at me. I feel it’s been a long time since I heard someone say I look like my heavenly father. Yeah, we don’t get people saying, ‘eii. you look like God o’ but how we relate to people, the care, love, respect, forgiveness among other virtues should make you look like God. As I walked to the bus stop to get a car to work, I kept reflecting on this. There’s this song that says Christians are supposed to be sign posts pointing people to Christ. There’s another one that says, if I say I love Jesus, but they can’t see my Jesus, then tell me what’s the use of Jesus in you and me. What’s the point of your Christianity if people see you and there’s nothing Christ about you? Why do we not reflect the image and likeness of God? I believe if we are able to, we will make the world a joyous place to live in. Imagine a world filled with people with the likeness of God, our world will only be full of love. It’s hard to walk in the likeness of God in our world but I’m reminding myself each time not to allow the things I encounter in this life make me a bad person. I always tell myself that, ‘Akua keep being the good person you are’. It’s hard and I give up several times but I always find the strength to tell myself to look more like God each day. He has a reason for creating me in His image. I can’t go about disgracing him. Neither should you.

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  1. Second time reading. Very refreshing 🙏🏾

    1. Thanks

  2. We just may be the only Jesus the world will see, we really need to reflect our Father to this broken world.

    1. Amen

  3. Spot on! We certainly must let our lives reflect that of our maker’s!

    1. 🙏🏿🙏🏿

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