On the 1st of January 2020 (we didnt know Corona was coming ooo), I was supposed to meet up with some good friends of mine to watch an Ebo White Play. The plan was that I would meet them outside the National Theatre and then we go in together to enjoy the play. They had my ticket purchased, so I just needed to show up. This plan didn’t work out as planned for me because I decided to come along with a +1. C’mon I was born and bred in Ghana; a Ghanaian doesn’t go chilling alone when she has a friend. When you invite one person, expect “her” to show up with another one. Hahaha. My plan was to get an extra ticket for my +1. We had bought tickets several times at the gate for Ebo White Plays so I knew I would definitely get an extra one for my +1. Well, that’s what I thought until we actually got there and there were no tickets. All the tickets had been sold out! At that point, I didn’t know what to do. I called a friend, who might know someone, to see if he could work out some magic for me to get a ticket but he couldn’t. In as much as I wanted to be with my good friends whom I hadn’t seen for over a year, I couldn’t leave my +1 hanging.

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I have a lot of respect for single mothers. First of all, I think it’s very brave to decide to keep a pregnancy in our part of the world without a husband. One of my biggest fears in life growing up was getting pregnant outside wedlock. I do not want to imagine or think about what I will go through or even do if I ever found myself in that situation. My older sister happened to fail some major papers in her final Senior High School Certificate Examination and I saw the pain she went through in the house. She couldn’t even breathe without being reminded of how she was at home and not in the university like her mates. She couldn’t eat in peace, laugh, try to peep at the television. Her male friend visited her one time and I remember how my dad advised the young man to aspire to be a great person in future instead of wasting his time with girls who have failed exams. Yes! So, you can imagine what will happen if you got pregnant in a house like mine. My mum had a way of advising us about staying away from premarital sex that looked more like a threat than advice…hahaha. Sometimes she went the dramatic and emotional way of almost crying as she told us about herself and how she didn’t complete her vocational school because she got pregnant and her uncle stopped taking care of her. 


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Changing Scenes of Life

One of my favourite Unit Heads at my workplace displayed pictures taken of the staff in April 2019 and April 2020 on her social media status. April 2019 was fun.; we came to work each day dressed up with a touch of yellow. I think it was Customer Service Month. We went to work with excitement and did our jobs with smiles. She shared beautiful pictures of colleagues smiling in their touch of yellow and right after those happy pictures she shared pictures of April 2020. These were not happy pictures. It showed the faces of colleagues who had struggled to pass through military barriers to get to work in nose masks and hand gloves. At the end of the image display, she wrote: “Changing Scenes of life”. I watched her status display over three times and sighed and commented “hmm, Life is funny” She replied, “Yes oo, this is food for thought”.

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