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Planning an event for children can get very hectic at a point. lt was stressing not just me, but the planning committee out and I couldn’t get it off my mind this evening so I opened up to my brother. As we spoke about it we somehow diverted to when we were little children our selves and attended excursions at school. We attended a school in Accra around Dansoman called Radiantway Basic School. 

Let me tell you something small about the school. It had facilities for both boarding and day. Radiant way school was a fun school to be. The school used to organise funfairs and numerous excursions. We spoke about that nursery and KG classroom that you needed to pay an entry fee to enter during funfairs. I always use to wonder what extraordinary thing went on there till I paid the gate fee one time and entered only to find out it was a mini night club in there. Boys and girls dancing their hearts out and doing all sort of things.😜

I can’t talk about Radiantway and leave out the fun of getting food from the boarding house students to eat at lunch. We all ate the same kind of food basically but their bowl was bigger and it did not only have more food but more fish. My favourite days at the canteen was when the Proprietors wife visited. The caterers will give us more food and more fish.

My brother reminded me of the fun we had during excursions. The night before the excursion we did not sleep o. We stayed awake talking about the place we were going and the things we would do when we got there. Our excitement kept us awake all night and we were always the first to wake up on an excursion day. On that day, mum didn’t have to talk a lot, we did all the right things…lol. We talked about the special food mum used to pack for us, the drinks and the extra money we got. We laughed our heart out as we did our throwback. I could not remember any excursion I didn’t enjoy except the ones we weren’t allowed to go. It was a good throw back I did with my brother. 

The discussion with him encouraged me to plan for the excursion with all excitements. After the excursion, I went through my gallery and I saw my childhood self in these little ones. Their excitements and joy, as they played and ate their food. All the ‘Jama’ on the bus and finally their tired self at the end of the day as they slept in the bus back It was great. Everyone had fun, even the teachers and they asked for more of such events. The planning committee did such a great job.

I learnt one thing, the joy of others should be a reason to push hard in life and to get things done. It reminds me of all that some parents and older siblings go through just to make their children and junior siblings happy. If the planning committee had let the stress of planning the event stop them, the children would have missed out on all the excitement. They would have missed out on a memory they will be talking about in years to come. Even though it gets tough sometimes, think about the smiles and joy it will bring to the other person at the end of the day and go on with it. It’s worth it!

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  1. The smiles we put on others face, is worth our sacrifice.

  2. Awwwwwww… You took me back to my childhood days. Thanks for this reminder and yes! The joy that others reflect after an event makes the tiring moment worthwhile.

    1. It always worth it.

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