Just before 2021 ended, I spent some time thinking about the year and planning for the coming one. I usually take a look at the year based on the following; Spiritual, Social, physical, financial and educational growth among others. I take time to write on these and compare them to what I did the previous year and what I set out to achieve. Mind you, it’s not my new years’ resolution. It’s my way of monitoring my growth if I’m doing well or not. It also helps me to count my blessings which I mostly forget. I decided to cut myself some slack years ago when I stopped making new years resolutions. It was supposed to help me achieve some targets and do away with some habits but it ended up making me depressed sometimes. So I decided not to stress myself ever I made up my mind to live a day at a time and it’s being an amazing journey taking life a day at a time. However, I’ve been thinking about new years resolutions a lot since 1st January 2022. There are a few things I want to do and undo this year. For the first time in years, I think I want to set some new year resolutions. Most of these are things that got my attention from people’s status, movies and my dealings with situations and people. In order of no importance here we go:

If you don’t burden me, I don’t burden you.
I open up to people who do the same with me. Once in a while when I talk to other people who don’t open up to me, I realize I say more than I’m supposed to. So this year I will be learning to keep things to myself and also learn to share my burdens with people who care to listen, help and will also share their burdens. Considering the fact that I have just two or three people who burden me, I think this resolution has already been achieved.

Don’t force relationships.
Last year, I struggled with this a lot. I believe if something is meant to be it will be but when it comes to people, I find it difficult to apply this rule. On the outside, I think I was doing well not forcing some relationships but God it was killing me within. It’s someway when out of the blue you are no longer cool with a person you shared every detail of your life with but I know that’s how life is sometimes. What makes it difficult is when you can’t tell what happened. What you did or said to have triggered the relationship falling on rocks. How all of a sudden you end up being hello hi. So this year, I’m not forcing relationships (especially with family) in my mind firstly and then physically. I will keep on reminding myself that if we are meant to be friends then we will find our way back. If not, life goes on. Friendship no be by force?.

Read the Bible & Pray more.
Gone were the days when I kept up with my Bible reading and study plan. I remember the guilt I felt when I went days without reading the Bible. Oh, I miss those days. Now, being able to read the Bible looks like a privilege to me. The struggle to study and read the Bible continuous for even a week doesn’t come easy to me. I thought switching to the Daily Bread app would be easier for having my morning devotions, but not at all. This year, God please help me.

Enough with the excuses though some are legit
I make a lot of excuses nowadays. I started in October I’ve pushed a lot of things to be done because of some of these legitimate excuses and non-legitimate ones. Friends and situations in my life have fallen victim to these excuses but no more. God knows the number of write-ups I started writing but never completed because I was making legitimate excuses. Yes, these excuses are not going anywhere but I’m resolving not to let them hold me back. After all, I’m not the first to encounter these and many people with the same and even worst excuses have achieved great things for themselves. So please get over them already and start bagging some achievements.

Chilling Is back.
It occurred to me on 31st December that I’ve not been to the beach the entire 2021. Like how is this even possible?? No dates, no calendar, nothing…only birthday. That one was even an indoor activity. Yes, there’s COVID but I have to also go out, have fun and take pictures. We have to also go “outside”. Given this resolution, strict budgeting all 2022. My bank account needs to increase for this lifestyle, so please understand when I tell you I don’t have money because the “outside” dier we need to all go some…??

Give my best in everything I do.
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.
Colossians 3:23.
There is this particular assignment most of us don’t like attending to at the office but once it is assigned to you, you put off that thought and get it done. What keeps me going in times like that is the scripture above. So this year whatever I set out to do I’m giving it my ?. I’m giving my best and pushing myself to achieve some personal goals.

Be Kind and Give
I always tell my roommate white people do nice things. I know like my roommate, some of you will argue that is because they like to show that aspect of their society on the internet and in movies but I love how they show kindness and give to people just to see a smile on their faces, to make someone’s day go better, to change someone’s misfortune into a good one etc. Last year I always prayed to be a good and kind person. This year I’m adding giving. Don’t get it wrong, I do give but I’m looking at giving differently this year.

Celebrate those who Celebrate me.
There are people you always remember their birthdays and go out of your way to get them a gift apart from the hype you give them on social media but one way or the other they always forget yours. I used to be guilty of this with my childhood friend until I made an effort to stop. I set a reminder and guess what I remembered last year. So yeah, we are no longer accepting this among others. A friend put it this way on her status; if you post me I post you, if you call me I call you, if you text me I text you. Some of us like being at the receiving end and never giving back. This year all that will stop. You help to push us, we will also push you…unless God touches our hearts.

Those of you who were expecting to read some powerful and mind-blowing resolutions, sorry for disappointing you. I believe in small things which will give me my peace of mind to achieve the bigger, powerful and mind-blowing things I’ve resolved to keep to myself this year. I wanted to make it ten, but it’s just eight I have now. You can add your two in the comment section. I might consider adding it to mind if you made one or is planning to make some new year resolutions. See you next month God willing. Please remember to like, comment and share.

It’s a Happy New Year from Akua Black.?????

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