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I don’t know why I’ve not written anything about my new roommate. I used to write a lot about her some years ago when she was much smaller. She’s still a little girl but she can make me feel like I’m the more little one in the room. She became a permanent roommate when my former roommate moved out. I must confess I enjoy her company more than my former roommate. She does the cleaning and other duties I assign her unlike my former roommate who made me do all that, and she constantly reminds me that when it comes to wisdom and know-how age is just a number. 

There’s being a number of times she’s reminded me to put my laptop off before sleeping, but I end up sleeping without doing so. I wake up to find the laptop neatly packed, and her talk about how she told me not to forget but I did. There was one time I had water on the bed whilst working. She walks in and tells me to put the water at another place else I could wet my bed. At my age, there was no way I would let that happen. I was working and I was not going to sleep or mistakenly push the water. Guess what, I wet the bed just as she predicted and when she came back and saw me trying to dry the bed, she just shook her head and said I told you.  Hahahaha.

So this evening I’m collating some old write-ups about her. It’s her tenth birthday and I would love to blog about her. So I’m taking you back to when she was just two and three years old. 


I was close to tears as I watched her excited self. I wanted that for her. I had even pushed for it but when it finally came to pass I was sad. How could her mum do that? Cut all her hair. Some adults even wished they had her hair but it was all gone now. Everyone in the house was angry with her mum for cutting her hair, especially her dad. He had never seen her with shaved hair in her 3 years on earth. It was a sad day for everyone in the neighbourhood who saw her coming out of the barbering shop except one person. Guess? It was baby herself! She was happy and just loved her new look, telling everyone “m3 twa mi ti nu” (literally meaning I’ve cut my head instead of saying I’ve cut my hair). lol, like we couldn’t see her shaved hair. Some people took it to heart and told her mum their piece of mind. This can only be done in Ghana. Is she your daughter??? Baby wasn’t even interested in the sad look on their faces as she couldn’t stop touching her shaved hair and smiled all the way home to tell her daddy. Immediately she got home, she took off her clothes and went straight into the bathroom. Finally, she could enjoy the shower without worrying about her hair. It was the first time I had seen her bath happily, singing and jumping. I envied her. Then it occurred to me how most of us are keeping stuff we personally don’t need but hold on to them because people like them. If only we could have pep talks with ourselves and decide to stop pleasing people and satisfy ourselves for once! Do what we really love and not what people love us to be. I think we would be fulfilled and like baby, freely stand under the “fire” as she calls the shower and sing and jump and laugh our hearts out. It’s called Self Love!!


Life without children wouldn’t have been nice. No wonder Jesus himself told his disciples to allow the children to come to him. He knew they can worry but there’s no sad moment with them especially the chatty ones. My two-year-old sister, Baby, came to me asking for my phone. I smiled at first and then wondered what she needed it for. Being a typical Ghanaian I answered by asking her a question, “What are you using the phone for?”  Her answer made my brother and me laugh close to tears. This was her answer, “Mi di b) game kakraa” (I want to play a game for a while). You should have seen the look on her face as she said that. Serious and with a purpose. Can you imagine? What on earth made her think of that when she couldn’t even operate the phone? However, I loved her attitude of asking. Most of us have the right attitude of asking from God. But have we thought of how some of our requests will crack God up there. Just like kids, we might innocently ask but of what use will it be for us. Like Baby, we might not even have the knowhow about it though we are sure of what we want. Even as the year is in the second half, let’s ask God to direct us in our desires for 2019. So that we don’t end up asking and seeking for things which would satisfy for a while but in the long run will be of no use to us.

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