Saturday In The City

Accra we dey
Saturday like no other day
Sun beaming hot like the desert sun
Dress codes from black to white
Streets busy with people
Some dressed in black and red
To mourn with those who mourn
I see them laughing and drinking
Are they really mourning??!
Some dressed in white
To celebrate New births
Some in emerald green and burgundy
To dance and eat to the union of two people
Betting centers full of young blood
Supporting foreign football teams
Praying their bet is successful.
Taxi drivers and Uber drivers make wild
It’s a market day
Sitting at the backseat of the taxi
Wishing I was home already
Away from all the chaos on the street of Accra. But we for grind like no one’s business. We didn’t leave home to come and view the sea. Yaba dier na yaba. Accra we dey!!!

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