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I was on phone with a friend who lives at Adenta around 11 p.m. when she said it was raining at her end. That area experiences a lot of rain falls because of its geographical location. There have been several times she tells me it had rained at her end but didn’t even drizzle at my end so I didn’t really take it seriously. As we kept on talking, the weather started changing at my end. It got cooler and then the rains started. Oh! Almost 12 a.m., it was getting late so we said our goodnights. She was going to enjoy her sleep. Who doesn’t enjoy night rainfalls? Immediately I was done on the phone, I started packing the things on the floor onto the table and the chair. If there was nothing on the ground, the water will not destroy anything, it will just come in and go out, that is my principle. When I was done, I tried sleeping but sleep won’t come. I kept getting up to check under the bed if the water was coming. I would look through the windows to check if there was water in my neighbours’ house. I did this for over an hour. At around 2 a.m., I realized I needed to sleep…I couldn’t keep on doing this. Everyone in my house was sound asleep except me. That was when it dawned on me that I was having trust issues that night.

From Monday evening to Tuesday dawn I learnt an important lesson on Trust. For the past year, we’ve had flooding cases in my neighbourhood. Due to this, I get worried whenever it rains especially in the night. My family and others in the neighbourhood have to stay awake to ensure that the water does not destroy anything valuable. You will only understand how frustrating this situation is, if you’ve ever been through this situation or a similar one. You barely finish cleaning up the house when the next rain comes to cause a mess, especially in the raining season. After such situations, you always think of moving out but when it’s your own house you have limited options not to talk about rent issues in Accra- a discussion for another time. In our case, we just have to stay put and think of ways to solve the flood issue. 

About two weeks ago, the people in the neighbourhood came together to solve the flood situation. We couldn’t wait for the government anymore because all efforts in the past to get them to do something about the flooding had been fruitless. It was going to take forever however, they agreed to supervise the construction if we would undertake the project ourselves and that’s what we did. As part of the measures decided on, a drain was constructed.  It took about 10 days to do that project. God was good to us. The rains stopped for 10days till they finished the drain. On the 11th day, a Sunday, the rains came. I remember the look on my dad’s face and that of our neighbour when the water started rising high. The water wasn’t moving, perhaps, something had gone wrong with the construction. They went through the rain and checked what was wrong. I was scared too until I realized the water was moving. Yes, the drain worked. The water moved and that day there was no flood. The next rain that came was the night rain – the rainfall I mentioned early on that made me restless. 

After 2 a.m. it was clear to me the water was not coming to my room. I should have known the water would not come to the house and to my room. It didn’t come last week Sunday, so why was I worked up. The drain had been constructed, Akua. You didn’t need to be awake all night.  As I lay on my bed with my eyes tightly closed, I said a prayer to God. “Please God, take care of everyone who will not sleep tonight because of this rain and kindly help me sleep”. After the prayer, I got a picture of how God expects us to trust in him and how we decide to trust Him. When God asks us to trust Him, He expects us to just do that. Trust Him! My dad and everyone in my house were sound asleep. They trusted the drain to do the work. It had even done it once. When God tells us to trust him it’s a command. No wonder, trust always comes with obeying. Instead of just obeying God by trusting, we try to fix the situation in our own way like I was doing the night the rain came – moving things from the floor to a higher level in the night when I was supposed to be sound asleep. We keep at it, having no peace, accomplishing nothing until we finally realize we have to leave it to God…as if we didn’t know from the beginning. I don’t know how sleep came that night but when I woke up I had learnt something new. I had learnt to trust the drain…hahaha…but most importantly I had decided to stop trying to help God but to totally depend on Him and His word.

Whenever I’m tempted to not trust as God expects of me I will start singing this hymn; 

When we walk with the Lord

In the light of His word

What a glory, He sheds on our way

While we do His God will

He abides with us still

And with all, we will trust and Obey

Trust and Obey

For there’s no other way

To be happy in Jesus,

But to trust and obey.

 I hope you will also do same.

Trust & Obey!

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  1. Trust in God is not easy sometimes but when you know the GOD you serve it comes easily …..
    Trust and Obey

    1. Well said Yvonne. Thank you 😊

  2. 💙

    1. 😊

  3. You loose nothing if you trust the God in you to make things alright and better. Ain’t no better phrase than “to trust and obey”.
    Bless you Akua❤️

    1. Certainly Afariwa. Just trust and obey. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Benny. Amen!

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