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“Life is not fair, you will eat this for breakfast and stay slim and sexy, I breathe in just air and I’m bloating”.

I updated my status with Jollof rice and chicken that I was having for breakfast this morning. The caption was Saturday Morning Breakfast. When I’m in a good mood, I update my status. It can be anything, from the food I’m craving for, to the food I ate some time ago or about to, some nice places I’ve been to or planning to visit, friends I’m missing or some nice quote I agree with or disagree with. I post anything I find interesting on my status on WhatsApp.

I received a lot of replies on my Jollof rice and chicken status. Ghanaians are obsessed with Jollof rice, so I knew I would definitely get some people replying. I don’t know what it is with Ghanaians and Jollof rice. I will surely talk about this in another blog post. The reply that got my attention the most was this: “Life is not fair, you will eat this for breakfast and stay slim and sexy, I breathe in just air and I’m bloating”.

Ghana Jollof

I totally agree with her. The world is unfair. We all have that slim friend who eats every junk food you can think of and still has a sexy flat stomach. Yes, even right after eating.  They eat a lot and don’t gain even half a pound. You can’t help but keep wondering where all the food goes when it enters their body. It’s just unfair!!! The world at large hales skinny women over their plus-size counterparts. They call it “thin privilege”. People all over have been made to believe that being slim is normal and the right thing for every woman. If you are slim you are deemed to be healthy and fit. You can afford to eat ice cream and pizza and no one will give you a talk about calories and how unhealthy it is. Try posting a picture of yourself eating any of those as a plus-size lady. I get it. Life is unfair. Do you know life is unfair to slim or skinny ladies as well? Let’s toss the coin to the other side.

my hidden struggles

For some weeks now I’ve been struggling with eating especially in the morning. I’m not your normal breakfast girl. Tea and bread is not my thing. Porridge, oats, Tom Brown etc are not welcomed in my stomach as breakfast, unless I’m sick and forced to eat them. I like to have rice, spaghetti, waakye, and kenkey (on a good day) for breakfast. It keeps me going for a longer time compared to the tea and bread. I guess I like it a bit heavy in the morning when it comes to food. For weeks now as I said, I find it difficult to eat especially in the morning. I don’t feel hungry and I don’t feel for any food. It’s being a bother to me, especially when I’m trying to gain weight. I got home on Friday evening with this Jollof rice and chicken and I told myself it was going to be my breakfast on Saturday. For the first time in days, I was actually looking forward to eating in the morning. As early as 6 am I was out of the house. I went to my construction site to get some work done. By 9 am I was done and headed straight home thinking about my Jollof rice. I got home tired and hungry. I was happy because I was feeling hungry. Something I’ve not been experiencing for days now. I heated the food and just before I started eating I decided to take a picture of it and share on my status.

Without knowing my struggles, a friend sent this reply “Life is not fair, you will eat this for breakfast and stay slim and sexy, I breathe in just air and I’m bloating”……. I laughed and replied saying “such is life”. It summed up everything I wanted to tell her. There she was telling me I can afford to eat all that in the morning and still remain slim and sexy. If only she knew how I wish I could just “breathe in air” and gain some weight. I’ve been trying to gain for years now. I can’t even afford to weigh 50kg. I wish there were other means of gaining weight without eating or taking some medication. If only I could wake up every day, feeling hungry, craving for food and not be in my on-and off eating mood. I envy women who can eat.

In our part of the world, Africa, Ghana to be precise, being skinny is not something to be proud of. Until recent times where we have all these foreign ideas about slim or skinny being a thing to crave for, all our people admire is a woman with “enough body”. A woman with big boobs, big ass and hips. How many times do you see men stop, turn or smile foolishly at a skinny woman in Ghana? They only do that when they see the plus-size women. If you see them watching a slim woman, they are probably laughing at her flat ass or flat chest. Tell me how this is a “thin privilege”. All these men claiming they want slim women, only end up with one and tell them to “put on” some flesh.  It’s annoying listening to people complaining about how skinny I look in a world where a woman with “enough body” is seen to be living well. The number of times I have to tell people I have not being sick is killing me. Convincing people nothing is bothering me, I’m not going through a break up and all is actually well with me is making me slimmer by the day.

learn to live!

In this unfair world we find ourselves, we have to learn to live. Enjoy every second of it. Forget about how huge or slim you look. Guess what, whether you are a size 6 or 16, people will always have something to say about how you look. Try and get that body shape or size you want if it will make you happy but if you can’t just screw it. Rock your body like it’s no one’s business. And when you find them staring at you, tell them this: “STOP LOOKING AT ME”.

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  1. Nice caption and I liked the way you flipped the coin to introduce the other perspective.

  2. Truly the world is not fair so STOP LOOKING AT ME.

  3. You touched right on the point. 👌🏻

  4. This is sooo me..the 50kg part tho,I just passed it

    1. Go you🙌🙌. We hope to get there soon

  5. The issue with ladies with ‘enough body’ ehn..

    1. 😂 Ikr

  6. Great write up…the world is really not fair. We are all different, so please “STOP LOOKING AT ME”

    1. Exactly. Thanks

  7. Great write up

  8. Love love love . Keep writing, gal.

    1. Thanks dear.

  9. I thought I would never end the reading. So captivating!

    1. Thanks Prince_Charles.

  10. Stop looking at me. Wen am enjoying my day offs. 😁

    1. 😂 I will try not to

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