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It was always my dad and us. In my mind as a child, we were doing alright, my siblings and him all alone. He never made us feel the need for a woman. We had food to eat, clothes to wear apart from the fact that we were a bit unkept sometimes. C’mon he was a young man who needed to work hard to cater for his children. I was hardly in earrings because he won’t buy one for me and I wasn’t bothered as a little girl. The last thing on a man’s mind will be earrings of his daughter. I remember my auntie used to give me her earrings to wear when we were going to church to make me look like a girl(people use to call me small boy) Apart from little things like this, he did an amazing job at being a mum and dad, no wonder on mothers day he was telling me to wish him a happy mothers day…lol

I think fathers are superheroes. Father’s are our personal world bank. They make things happen. They make life easy. They solve mysteries. They bring happiness.  No wonder every child believes in their dad. I’ve grown to appreciate my dad. My father can worry. I fight with him than all my siblings but I love that man. He’s being there for me all my life and I can’t thank him enough for this. All the sacrifices he’s made for my siblings and I. All the scolding he has received because of me. Yes, he’s my father, it’s his job but we all know that a lot of irresponsible fathers are on the block. So when you find a responsible one as a father, you need to appreciate him, especially when he makes things happen for you.

I sit back and imagine how fathers go through life with other people’s “shopping list” on their minds. My little sister has this song she sings only in December. It goes like this, “Christmas is coming Papa buy me a shoe, Papa buy me a dress…” In spite of all these, they smile and walk around like everything is well with them. I know some of us will say some women help but we all know in Ghana the men do the chunk of it. Yep, I said it!!. I remember how our teachers used to insult our fathers for not paying school fees back then. You get home for not paying school fees and he writes a letter for you to send back to the accountant.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It is not easy but he’s got to be a man. He can’t let you stay at home for neighbours to gossip.

Being a father is a hard job. You need to be responsible and dedicated to be one. No wonder some men chicken out of it. When I was a kid, I used to get sick quite often and it wasn’t my mother who was burdened by my sickness. It was my father. My mother was around but my father took up that work. He researched about my health and became my personal doctor. It’s annoying when he does that now. He didn’t have to do it. It’s the “mothers’ job” as some people will say, but he did it. These are the things that have made the mother’s favourite of most people. Being there for their children. This is what our men need to learn and actually practice. We know you are busy but a little concern and attention is all we ask for. But I see my friends who are father’s now doing so well and I smile because, in just a matter of years, fathers’ day will also be a big deal because they are doing great jobs now. They are amazing and superheroes.

As a friend just said, she loves her dad because regardless of what she does or does not do for him, he still loves her and he still cares for her. Reminds me about our father in heaven. A good father never stops caring. Even after marriage, daddy still cares. We’ll forever be their little girls and big boys. I think that sums it’s up for Father’s Day. Regardless of the noise we make about their day or not, they will still care for us. Even though they pretend they are not bothered about the silence on father’s day, we know deep down in their hearts they do. My old man says this fathers day he will see those who really love him…lol. However, the good part is they won’t hold a grudge against us for not celebrating them, unlike some people we know.. And as Ben rightly said, a father’s reward is in heaven. One day there will be a big celebration for fatherhood on Mars.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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  1. Indeed a father’s reward is in heaven.

    1. Lol

  2. Nice one

    1. Thanks Milli

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