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There is this song about the Bible, we sing at Sunday school. It goes like this:

Read your bible, pray every day, pray everyday, pray everyday. Read your bible, pray everyday if you want to grow. If you want to grow, hallelujah, read your bible, pray everyday, pray everyday. Read your Bible pray everyday, if  you want to grow.

The second stanza is:

Forget your bible, don’t ever pray, don’t ever pray, don’t ever pray. Forget your bible, don’t ever pray. You will shrink, shrink, shrink.

This song always comes to mind when I don’t read the Bible for sometime and for some reasons I see this song live in my life as I read and pray and when I don’t read and pray. I feel it’s a mind-set sometimes, however, I wish I would always read but it’s not easy. Some parts of the bible are just too boring. Try reading Leviticus and Numbers. Other parts are mysterious and difficult to understand like Revelations and some parts of Daniel  and yet there’s the nice side of the bible also. The part that tells interesting and funny stories. Like the stories of David, Samson, Gideon, Deborah, Esther, the love book song of songs and the good counsel of King Solomon, the Psalms and Proverbs.

One of the books I love to read in the bible is Ruth. It’s bittersweet. The book starts with a series of bad news. Naomi loses her husband. And then her two sons also die in a foreign land. After a while, she decides to go back to her homeland. She calls for a meeting with her two daughters in law. The agenda of the meeting is this: Go back to your parents and find yourselves husbands. Orpah and Ruth her daughters in law weeps with her and decide they won’t leave her alone. Naomi insists they live. Orpah kisses her goodbye and goes back to her parents but Ruth refuses to leave. She clings to Naomi, refusing to go back to her parents. Leaving Naomi with no choice, she goes back to Bethlehem with Ruth. When they arrive, Naomi changes her name to Mara meaning bitter, because the Almighty has made her life bitter. Her sweet daughter in law is still by her side comforting her through it all.

Be a superwoman in all spheres of your life!

After some time at her home land. Naomi realises if she doesn’t do something about her situation she will die without having any grandchildren and Ruth will stay by her side without also getting married again. Everything starts to fall in place when Ruth finds her self working in the threshold of Boaz. Boaz is a kings man of Naomi. This means Boaz can inherit the properties of Naomi’s late husband, including Ruth. Boaz notices Ruth the first time he sees her working there. You can trust men to notice the new women, especially when they are pretty like Ruth. Ruth is treated with kindness and generosity because Boaz orders it. The power of a beautiful woman. But that was all Boaz offers to Ruth. Good treatment on the field. That day, Ruth goes home with some good news to cheer her mother in law up. That’s when the idea dropped. I love Naomi. I’m sure she told her self, “ha! I will make sure Boaz marries Ruth. When he does, I will finally get Ruth a husband, and the children they have will belong to my late son and I.” This is how OPERATION GET BOAZ TO MARRY RUTH, begun.

Naomi instructs Ruth to take her bath, wear some perfume, put on her best clothes and go down to the threshing floor, but she should not let him notice her until he is done eating, drinking and lying down. Then she should uncover his feet and lie down at his feet. She does exactly as she is told. He notices her at midnight and that’s when Ruth tells him to take her under his wing. The plan of Naomi is successful, Boaz marries Ruth and they live happily ever after…..during which they had a son, Obed, the father of Jesse, the father of David, the line from which Jesus Christ was born.

Sorry for telling you the whole story, you might probably know it already. There’s a conversation that went about this story I want to share with you. One afternoon I received a message from a friend and we had a good chat on Ruth and Naomi. This is a conversation between two women, born and bred in Ghana. You will understand this statement after reading the conversation.

this is a conversation between two women – NOT konkonsa (gossip) lol

Maame: Akua, Ruth asked Boaz to marry her. So if we are to follow the Bible then girls can propose to guys. Lol
Akua: Lol. She didn’t literaly. She did self-arrangements (Forced friendship)
Maame: Eeii madam so she didn’t ask him? It was obvious paaaaaaa
Akua: Did she say, Boaz will you be my husband?
Maame: She didn’t have to say it. She used different tactics. She was a bold woman. With a wise mother-in-law.
Akua: Exactly, so ladies shouldn’t ask literally. Like, marry me. You look someway, desperate!!. That’s the word. Use tactics😉. Be bold. And we pray for supportive mothers in law like Naomi.
Maame: Amen!!!
Maame: Some girls don’t know this. They are waiting for their men. These men, some are like Isaac. They can’t find their own wives.
Akua: 😂😂😂😂. I tell you. You will grow old waiting for them to propose, when they are waiting for their Daddy to find them one.
Akua: What I learnt from Ruth this year when I read her story was how she went to sleep under his feet. It’s a sign of submission. So I’m sure Boaz will be like Charley the girl be humble. And she shada too and she use perfume on top. Turning him on but she didn’t let him chop too( have sex). I’m sure she got him confused. No wonder he acted fast to marry her. I’m sure he got scared a young man will beat him to getting her. As women, we have to use what we have in a wise way to get things done.
Maame: On point. Very profound. Teacher Akua, we will.
Akua: Lol
Akua: But her mother in law no get size. She knew whatzup  paa
Maame: Yes oo. We need mothers-in-law who want the best for us. I prosper, you prosper
Maame: I’m sure that’s how Naomi got Ruth a husband. Strategic ahushing (Forced friendship).
Akua: Very important. The way she knew how to go about it was so on point
Maame: Yes oo. and it worked. But when you are really determined to change your status, especially if it’s hardship, you will work hard to ensure there is a difference
Akua: Yes. It won’t come easy but if you remain consistent, it will happen
Maame: 👍🏽

There is not much to add after sharing this chat with you. I use the story of Naomi and Ruth to show you who a super woman is because these women went through extremely difficult situations in their lives. What could be more painful than losing your husband and two sons at an old age? Imagine losing your husband as a young lady. And you didn’t even have the opportunity of having a child with him, a child to hold on to. However, in spite of all these, they got back up. They gave their selves another chance. Another chance to be happy. This made them super women. If they gave up, they wouldn’t have found their family in the genealogy of Christ.

Superwoman you are!

There are a lot of super women in the world, I know you are one. You just have to get back up. We have women who have gone through several miscarriages. Women who have lost children and their husbands. We have women who suffer all kinds of abuse in their families and in their relationships. Women who face discrimination in their workplace because they are women. There are systems and customs holding us back as women. I can go on and on but we need to rise above all these. This is not the time to organise a pity party. We need to stop crying over spilled milk. Clean up the mess and go find ourselves another “milk” like Ruth did. I celebrate single mothers who are taking care of their children and bringing them up on their own. I celebrate abused women who are saying it’s enough and walking out of that relationship with their heads up. I celebrate women who have lost their children and yet still smile. I celebrate superwomen and I celebrate you.

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    God bless you

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  5. A lot of wisdom nuggets in there. Bless you and keep them coming🙂

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  7. Well let’s remember that God’s time also counts cos wen it not that time …..mmmm

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