The conclusion-Never say Never

The conclusion of the matter- Never say Never.
We all have what we preferred.
English over Mathematics
Burgundy over Red
Meat over Salads
Cars over ponies
Tall over short
Beard gang over emoji…🤷🏼‍♀️🤣
How complacent!!
We were satisfied with ourselves
Perfect in our own sense
So we vow to stick to our preferences
Chin up and proud of our choices
Saying Never!!
Then Time catches up with us.
Experience catches up with us.
Enlightenment catches up with us.
Life looks at us and smiles.
It’s only natural that our biases falter.
That’s why NEVER SAY NEVER!!


A part of me kept telling me to let it be that it was a perfect ending. However another side of me, I think it’s the Akua side couldn’t get over the conclusion of last week’s post that I lost. I loved how I concluded only to open the document and it wasn’t there. I still don’t know how it happened. I think I forgot to save the document. It looked good but not to me. That wasn’t how I wanted last week’s blog post to end. So I’m here to conclude on Never Say Never. I hope I don’t mess it up for 

Last weekend and this week has been amazing. I got to read people’s stories about things they said they will never do. The ‘I will never do’ cut across issues on food, clothing, body shapes and sizes, professions, marriage partners etc. I got more of such comments in WhatsApp chats than in the blog comments space…🤦🏿‍♀️. The funniest was the group of people who never wanted to marry plus-size people or people with pot bellies – and truly kept to their words by marrying slim sexy ladies or men with six-packs only for them to turn up after some years as plus-size wife and pot-bellied husband…😂😂😂. A friend also shared how she vowed she will never kiss a guy till she got married. We all know how that ended for a lot of us who said we will never kiss a girl or boy in JSS…😂🤪

So this is the conclusion of the matter, cut us some slack. You’ve not been in my situation neither have I been in yours. We don’t know what life is about dishing out to us. If only we had an idea what the future holds, we would never say never! You don’t know what someone went through to settle where you see them or with whatever they have. So don’t be quick to say I will never do this or that. 

When you see someone doing something or tolerating a situation, don’t be fast to say never! 
When it comes to a situation you’ve never encountered, never say never
When it comes to a situation you’ve never encountered, never say never
When it comes to things and places you know nothing about or have never experienced, never say never!
When it comes to the unknown, never say never!
If you’ll ever say never, let it be in line with this old song, “never say never” by Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith. Check it out and thank me later. 😘😘

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