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The date was 8th March 2020. It was international women’s day. I posted on my WhatsApp status, “Just imagine the world without women, Happy international women’s Day”. I wasn’t expecting any answers when I put that there. All I said was imagine. But I got people responding. The most outstanding ones where “Chaotic” and the other was a “Peaceful abode”. From a woman and a man respectively. The woman I am, couldn’t help but agree with the and also not just strongly disagree with the peaceful abode, but actually took him on. How could he say the world would have been a peaceful abode without women. Maybe the world could be, but not for men. Yes! I said it. Do I have to keep reminding men how God realized it wasn’t good for him to be alone and thus he will make him a helpmate and viola a woman came to being? I believe whenever men think they can do without women, God just smiles and says “you don’t know what you talking about, you need a helpmate ma guy”. A wise man recently drew my attention to the fact that a helper is stronger or more capable than the person they are offering help to. If you could do it why then will you require help? If a man would be ok by himself why a helpmate? I also think we need help because on our own we might not be able to accomplish much hence the need for a helper to make us realize our set goals. So how then, can a descendant of Adam, born of an Eve,  say that the world would have been a peaceful abode without a woman?

I hardly have a long conversation with this young man but his comment got us having an interesting conversation on how some men perceive women and perceive what women think of them as men. I tried to write about our chats but I couldn’t. So read the chat I had with my good friend Mark who is about getting married. One of the reasons I took it personal. 

Mark : The world would have been a peaceful abode😄😄😄😄

Akua: Then don’t marry. Enjoy your peaceful abode. (What I actually wanted to say was that If you feel the world will be a peaceful abode without women then why are you getting married. If you love your peace that much then you have no business spending the rest of your life with someone who will make your life chaotic).

Mark: Hahaha. Mon te hwee ase (women don’t understand anything).

Akua: Yoo yati (Ok). Then live alone. Understand yourself and be happy. Don’t ever marry.

Mark: Hahaha. We will live alone.

Akua: Speak for yourself. You and who?

Mark : All men. lol. See what Eve did

Akua: 🙄. What did she do??

Mark : She just destroyed the peace in the garden.

Akua: Was she the one God told not to eat from the tree or Adam? If you can’t be Man enough don’t shift your blame on women. Weak men, who don’t know how to accept their mistakes.

Mark : Didn’t he tell Eve? Asuo) den(Stubborn).

Akua: Where is it stated in the Bible? To the best of our knowledge of the Bible, it’s only Adam who knew that fact and ok why didn’t he refuse to eat…🙄

Mark : The bible doesn’t capture all things.

Akua: Please, please…I deal with facts. If the Bible didn’t capture it then it wasn’t there…it didn’t happen. You think the Bible will leave out an important message like this. She didn’t know. She wasn’t given that commandment. Stop blaming women for everything bad and start asking yourself as a man what you should be doing right.

Mark :🤦🏾‍♂️ Just see yourself now. Very stubborn. Ladies!

Akua: More than men? Hmm

Mark : Stubborn to the core.

Akua: You know you can’t live without us. So appreciate us ok. Stubborn is what some people love…

Mark : Please!! Why can’t ladies just listen to men.👂🏼Ur ears seem blocked.

Akua: We are not robots. We have brains. We just don’t listen to any thing that doesn’t make sense. All in the name of its coming from a man. If he says something reasonable we will listen. And how you address us is also a factor. You should learn how to talk to women. We are not dumb like most of you men think. If you talk sensibly, why not we will listen. But don’t expect us to do everything you tell us to. Even kids won’t, how much more grown adults like us.

Mark : U see…prejudice. Ladies thinking everything that comes from men doesn’t make sense.

Akua: No. You didn’t read it well. We will listen but it doesn’t mean we should listen to everything you say. Because seriously some guys don’t talk sense🤷‍♀️.

Mark : Ok, few men don’t talk sense but sometimes when ladies sit and ponder over what we tell them, they realize it’s the truth. Yet they refuse to acknowledge it. Stubborn!!

Akua: Sometimes yes… But if it’s not the truth should we still go ahead and do as you say?? If that’s what you call stubborn, then we will forever be stubborn.

Mark: Can you just admit to this. That when you sit and ponder over what we tell you and realize it’s the truth, you refuse to acknowledge it.

Akua: 🙄 Yes! Sometimes.

 Mark :I’m not saying we are always right with what we say. So are ladies not always right, but just admit to it when you are wrong. 

Akua: Ok we will admit when we are wrong, we are humans. We are not saying we are perfect.

Mark N: So yes, men are not always right, so are you ladies.

Akua: As you rightly said we are all not perfect so stop talking as if we are the only devils on planet earth.

Mark: Madam you are all small devils, But on a more serious note, it’s all about coming to a consensus. 

Akua: Exactly. So if you know how to get here, a good consensus,  you won’t be always talking ill about women. We are the best thing that ever happened to planet earth. Just pray for wisdom on how to relate with women and you will see the light…😁

Mark:  I never spoke ill about women, I only said the world will be a peaceful abode..😝 because ladies are just stubborn. 

It’s funny how men, feel women are the problem and women, also feel men are the problem. It’s like we grew up feeling our gender is the better one and the other gender the bad one. We can argue over this and never come to a conclusion because we have good reasons to say the world would be chaotic without women..(why are women God🤔) and yes the world would be a peaceful abode without women..(men, the world peace ambassadors🙌🏼🙌🏼) but at the end of the day, do we really want to live in a world full of men or just women?? It’s a big no for me. At a point in our conversation, my friend asked me if I could live without men and this was my silly response, “I love men more than women. As a believer in one husband one wife, I will need a man to get married to and to give me sexual satisfaction among other things…. even the sex part, vibrator can equally do the job🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️ but there’s nothing like having a man hitting it right and going down as well🤷🏿‍♀️. So why will I want to live without a man 😝😝😂😂?? But on a more serious note, I can live without a man but I don’t want to because I wasn’t created to live alone as a woman”. 

So, it’s not that we cannot do without the opposite sex, men can live without women ( I know some people who can’t😂😂), we all can but it’s nice having a man around and the men will agree it is wonderful having a woman around as well. We need men to make us laugh, help us when we need to move things that we can’t seem to wrap your tiny hands around and neither have the strength to, the difficult tasks or that decision our head just can’t seem to figure out. We need men to listen to us talk even when we know they are not paying attention and not interested but pretend they do. The truth is that, for most women, men are the first people we run to when we are facing challenges. 

And I know a lot of guys feel the world would be a peaceful place for them without women- a world free of nagging, a world where they can watch all the sport stations in peace, a world where they can stay out late with fellow guys having fun.  However, they would certainly miss the nice delicacies we make, they will miss how we make them enjoy being men when they come to our rescue, they will miss the perfect ideas and suggestions we give them, they will miss us organizing their lives for them, they will surely miss our annoying behavior and of course how we cuddle them, that their peaceful abode, will end up being boring without women.

Couple Holding Hands, Close-Up

As we ended our chat, we came to this conclusion,  agree to disagree. When you read about how the mind of men and women work, you realize being on the same page is not something that will always happen. Taking a second look at our chat, I realized that yes, I might have floored him there but he seemed right saying the world would be a peaceful abode from our conversation. See how I was talking with so much emotions(that makes me a woman), attacking him with words whiles he was just taking the conversation cool(that’s what makes them men, they can’t be bothered). No wonder they say the world will be a peaceful abode without us making every conversation an emotional one …lol. But that’s what makes us women and they men, making important issues look simple like a nursery rhyme.

I conclude by saying that, to make this world less chaotic and a peaceful abode, let’s meet each other halfway. We need to come to a consensus. If that’s what it will take, why not?

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  1. Both men and women are special in their own. And in fact both need each other.

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