Things happen for a reason

I wrote the drama with my actors in mind. I knew exactly who was going to act what for some of the roles. Well, there wasn’t much of a choice when it came to the children who could act because my Sunday school kids can be very inactive and unexciting sometimes. So I got a bit disappointed when things were not going as I planned. One of the children (my star actor) refused to pick up a role just because he would be acting like a married man. As if that was not enough, one girl found it extremely difficult to act the role of a young exciting girl because her usual personality is calm and collected. I didn’t know what to do about the situation. However, I asked another boy to take up the role of the married man- bear in mind, he’s never volunteered to participate in any activity. He was a bit uncomfortable with the role but I talked him out of it. I even promised him a nice gift after the program which worked as he was awesome. The teacher who was directing them also swapped the roles of the calm and collected girl with another girl and it’s also worked perfectly. Now we were set for the day. Just when we thought all was ready, another child was not going to be available on the day of the program and we found this out a week to the program. How would we prepare another boy for the role on short notice?? I decided to try again with my star character, asking him to learn that part and again he refused. This time I didn’t let it bother me. I randomly selected another boy who had never acted in his life. I encouraged him and gingered him up for the role and when he acted, all the teachers were amazed. He got us excited because he was very good. 

My unfortunate reflex action

Work was over. It had been a good day at the office. I had achieved some personal target and was happy. I had packed my bag ready to go home when a colleague asked me to help her out with a customer else she would miss her ride home. I stepped in to help with the customer and just when I was done with him, he asked me to undo something I had already done. Out of fatigue I sighed and sucked my teeth. Something I always do unconsciously when I’m stressed out, overthinking, or analyzing situations. The man got offended with my action so I immediately apologized. I apologized not because I was wrong, but because he was offended and also in our setting, sucking your teeth is seen as an insult. So even though it was a reflex action done to calm me, and not directed at him, I still needed to apologize because he didn’t know me and wouldn’t understand. I apologized a second time as he told me never to do that again. Just when I thought it was over, this man turned my actions into a big issue. My older colleagues joined to apologize to the man but he wouldn’t budge. Finally, he went to my immediate manager to report this issue. She asked me not to try to explain my actions but apologize because as always “the customer is always right”. I informed her that I had already apologized to the man but he was still talking, ranting and even speaking ill of me and my upbringing (when he knew nothing about me). At that point, she didn’t know what more to say to the man so I asked to leave for home.

Trotro is bae

Wednesdays are my days of reflection. This Wednesday, sitting in the trotro, and reading “The rules of People by Richard Templar”, I thought of the two circumstances with my Sunday school children and work. I came to the conclusion “things happen for a reason” – and that people’s reactions and their decisions that tend to affect us, happen for a reason. Good or bad, it happens for a reason. 

First Lesson

In the first situation, it turned from a bad one to a good one. Occasionally, the people we look up to will and can disappoint us. We would be forced to turn to people we didn’t expect much from, and these people come into our lives and go beyond our expectations. They surprise us and we wonder why we even put our trust in the others in the first place. There have been times when I found myself in situations I thought could work out for me but didn’t, but rather the situations I knew were totally going wrong rather worked out perfectly. In all these things, we need to know that things happen for a reason. You see, I thought I had the best actors for the drama, indeed the Word of God is true when Samuel rightly told Jesse that, “For the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart”. My finest actors were sitting in the crowd like David in the wilderness when he was the King of Israel. I thought I knew those who could act but they disappointed me which helped discover new outstanding children. Things happen for a reason.

Second Lesson

Now to the second story. I have been told several times by my friends to be wary of when I sigh and suck my teeth. Some have expressed that the frequency of this makes it seem like I have a hard and tough life with many struggles. I knew I had to modify my ways but I had not taken it up seriously. So when I involuntarily did it to the man and he made a big deal out of it, it reminded me of what my friends had said. Things happen for a reason. This incident happened to remind me to check that habit as soon as possible. At least in front of people…lol.

See the good in all situations

I keep reminding myself to see the good in all situations. Whenever I go through situations, I get upset and worked up. Most of the time, I get worried about it for a while…but afterwards, I remind myself to find the good in it and thrive on that, and work on myself to be a good person.  Everything I go through should refine me into a better person. Maybe if we change how we view things, life will be simpler to live. Don’t be too hard on yourself, because things happened for a reason. Bad or good, find something good about it and let it work for you. Don’t allow things to just happen for a reason, let it happen for a good reason!

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  1. It takes a conscious effort to see the good in every sitiation especially the bad. Life wil surelyl be simpler if we all took baby steps in learning and seeing the good in every situation.

    1. Thanks Stacy.

  2. Life has always been full of lessons, we learn everyday. Your actions at end the lesson determines the results (whether you indeed got something out of the lesson or not)

    1. True.

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