This thing we call Love..

It was a quiet Monday morning. I was sitting behind a desk at the office minding my business when my good friend called me. For some reasons let’s call her Sena. When I saw her call I thought she was going to tell me I didn’t post a write up over the weekend like I promised her and other people. What I didn’t know was that her call was about to give me a write-up. So why was she calling? Sena was calling to insult me about something she heard I said about her over 10 years ago. Can you imagine!. I was like really. That’s why you called me this quiet Monday morning. What did I even say about her back then? What could my reckless mouth had said again? I used to have this bad habit of saying anything that came to mind. I said the exact thing that came to my thought with no filter or a second thought. I delivered my speech as it came. Some of my friends wondered how I could just say something that will take every other person a year to think and analyse the best way to say it. I didn’t see anything wrong with it for a long time till I realized it wasn’t the best so I worked on it. I think I’m better now or …?? Let’s continue with Sena’s phone call. So I asked her what I said. She told me she was having a conversation with a friend we had in common then, Kweku. In their conversation something about spectacles come up and he told her the mention of spectacles has reminded him of what I told him about her spectacles. There and then I thought he told her that I used to call her blind Messiah😂😂. Ah Kweku, how could he. That’s how I used to call my friends who were wearing spectacles then. But that wasn’t what he told her. Kweku told her, I asked him one time that is it because of her spectacles that he loved her like that and couldn’t get over Seriously I didn’t remember saying that but I know it’s not something I couldn’t have said. You see in fact thinking about Kweku and Sena, I am convinced I didn’t just say that. I said more than he could even remember now.

I told Sena she had given me something to write about even though she asked me not to dare write about her but as I said in the first paragraph, I was minding my business when she brought herself so here we go. Sena was a fine girl back in the university. She is still fine after having 4 children…. There was this innocence about her and she was criff. She loved God and the things of God. We attended the same church on campus. I remember she woke me up to get ready for church when she was about to set off to church. She was prim proper unlike me. She loved the gathering of the saints. And OMG, she was super emotional. I use to make her cry over unnecessary comments in my opinion but Sena’s melancholic traits will just make her cry and make me feel like a bad person. Guess what, I will be reckless with my month the next moment and the cycle went on till we all got used to our different temperament.

In first year we joined two drama groups on campus. There was this guy in one of these groups who had a thing for Sena. Did I call it a “thing”?? Sorry readers, it was more than a thing. He was over heels in love with Sena. I was one of her closest friends then so some of the guys used to pass through me to get to her – like the way Jesus is the only way to heaven, I was the only way to Sena till she came on top. This Kweku guy met us at one of our rehearsals and fell in love with her. He really loved her. His grades started dropping rapidly when she couldn’t love him the way he loved her and he couldn’t stop thinking about her. You see, Sena was on the market back then so it’s not like she didn’t consider Kweku but she had other offers. On the outside it looked like she was flexing him. However, I think she was just a confused first-year girl from a girls senior high school receiving a lot of attention from guys she never used to.

That’s how come I got to be close friends with Kweku. He used to come to my room and lament about his unrequited love. I can’t talk about all he put himself through for love but at a point, I just didn’t understand why he couldn’t let it go and find someone else. Initially, I felt she had some kind of affection for him and would come around but I realized she wasn’t interested. I think I told Kweku but he wouldn’t listen to me. I’m very sure that’s why I asked him if it was Sena’s spectacles that turned him on about her that he couldn’t let go.

We had a good laugh that morning recollecting those times and I continued in the evening as I sat on my bed and typed this true-life story. As I like saying, love is wicked. The things people have done for “love” in this world will blow your mind. Then you ask your self if they are still together with that person..😂. A big No for most people. I could afford to laugh at Sena and Kweku now because they brought themselves and it’s all in the past now. Time has a way of making serious issues look silly. I know girls who wanted to end their lives because of guys whose parents were still feeding them. I’ve heard things about people’s love adventures and I know you have also and wonder what was wrong with them. A guy cried in my room like a baby because the girl he loved said she wasn’t interested in being in a relationship with him. Boys abr3 o. No wonder that KNUST broken-hearted guy was crying over Nana Ama. It’s happens. We’ve all cried before. Whenever I think of some of these things, I appreciate the fact that in form 1 at Senior high school, I went on an educational trip to Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital where I saw for myself the devastating effect love had on some people. I remember the doctor at the female side told us that most of the women ended up there because of a love issue. I think that was when I decided that I won’t love blinding but ask me how far that decision went..hahaha. Before the week begins, i’m here to make you laugh about that silly thing you did for love. Please don’t be shy to share your experience. But before that let me end my story.

I’m glad in spite of all that happened over ten years, they still are good friends and talk from time to time. Kweku is happily married with a beautiful baby girl, from the last time I checked. Sena married the guy she choose among her many suitors in the University with four 😂😂 beautiful children. Two girls and two boys. Yes, it’s left with the boys. I’m in my house come and beat me…🏃🏿‍♀‍🏃🏿‍♀‍🏃🏿‍♀‍🏃🏿‍♀‍🏃🏿‍♀‍🏃🏿‍♀‍.

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  1. “Love matters” di33 since Adam and Eve’s time oo…. Beautiful piece!!

    1. Hahaha. Thanks Kammie

  2. Great piece waaa
    Love is great and fulfilling

    1. Definitely

  3. Will be writing about yours soon… it is plenty papa.

    Watch out for my page

    1. Hahaha.. I can’t wait to read

  4. This thing called love is the world’s biggest scam. When you’re in love it feels like you can’t live without each other but when you go separate ways you find out that you were just wasting your time and energy on someone that didn’t deserve it. But it’s a very beautiful thing when you are with the right person. By the right person I mean, someone that wants you as much as you do.

    1. With the wrong person it’s a scam but with the right one it’s definitely not. Hmmm…this thing called love🤦🏿‍♀️

  5. Love has been one rollercoaster ride for me…a lot of my friends really think it can’t be, but deep within I know I’ve built stone walls all around me. Intentionally.
    And yes, it started with a heartbreak – that made me do 170km/hr while crying in blinding rain..the night she told me she loved another. 6 years ago.
    Crazy right?😄

    1. 😂😂😂😂 sorry wai. Love is wicked…but don’t give up on love😉

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