Unexpected Endings

I found out that this TV Show I was watching wasn’t going to have a season 3. It has been cancelled. I was like, ‘ah two season p3’ but then again I wasn’t surprised. I shouldn’t be, even my friend who introduced me to it said the same thing. From how the stories were unfolding it was obvious the season was coming to an end but that was not how I expected it to end. . I was introduced to this TV show, God Friended Me, last year. It’s not my favourite but it’s nice to watch because it inspires me in various ways. I must say I had some reservations about the show but in our world now, it is difficult to get a movie that will meet your morals or your spirituality or some personal standards so I guess we don’t get to eat our cake and have it as well when it comes to movies and TV shows. This is part of the reasons I stopped watching TV for some time. There was too much nonsense on TV.

Let me attempt to spoil the TV show for you if you should decide to watch it..lol. So this atheist, Miles receives a friend’s request from God and then after this ‘God’ sends him friend suggestions. He is supposed to help people with problems they may be going through in their lives or about to encounter. Each show mostly has a happy ending apart from a few. The interesting thing about the show is that this atheist lost his faith in God because God couldn’t save his mother from cancer. So even though he loves helping people, he can’t agree it’s God behind it, because he doesn’t believe God exists so he and his friends alongside helping people are bent on finding out who is behind the God account. He grew up in the church literally and he is the son of a big man of God, a Bishop. I’m sure he was the every morning devotion person and every evening prayer person. If someone will lose their faith in God and become an atheist it shouldn’t be him but then again, why not him?

After my first degree, I went through a period in my life a lot of people have also been through. That period you wonder what lies ahead. That period you feel lost. That period nothing seems to go as planned. That period you question everything around you. It’s that period I could bore God eh. I remember a number of events that I was so sure will end well but didn’t. One of them was a job opening. I’m usually nervous when I’m going for interviews. This particular interview was different. I got nervous when I got to the place but within minutes I was ready for the interview. I prepared well. I had a good coach who prepped me well. My confidence level was 99.99% and I prayed as well. Everything was on point. And the interview went well. I felt I had the job already. The people on the panel even made me feel I had the job but days after, I didn’t receive any call. Eiii God! After a week I decided to follow up with a call and that’s when I found out I was too young for the job. Really God, too young for the job? It explained some part of the interview when a panel member wished me belated happy birthday because it was the day after my birthday. Then she went ahead to ask my age. She said, “aww, you are so young”. I thought it was a plus not knowing… I went through a lot of disappointments and heartbreaks. God was just not interested in the story of my life and how it was unfolding. Most of these events were the ones I took my time to talk to him about in prayer. So I kind of understand Miles for losing his faith in God. I think a lot of Christians at a point go through that face. The point where you just forget about God and His son Jesus and live your life the best you can because it seems they are not interested in what is happening in your life.
After some time of trying to do things on my own without God, I realized I might as well stay with Him because my other option was a big no. They say the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know. In this case, trusting in God’s process is better than the devil’s empty promises. I think that’s where the series was heading. Miles, the atheist, by helping others was beginning to realise that God really existed and he cared about people, their pain and everything about their lives. He cared about people and wanted to see them in a better and happy place. The funny part of the series was when he received a friend suggestion of the atheist who influenced his decision to become one. The guy was lost and what made him find his way was love. This atheist at the end of that episode admitted that he is open to the idea that there is a God.

What we keep forgetting is that the Christian walk is not an easy one. We won’t have every prayer of ours answered not because God cannot answer them but because sometimes we don’t even have an idea of what we claim we want in prayer and it’s consequences.
Our faith is truly tested when things don’t end for us as we want them to.
When we lose those loved ones. When we see people go through so much pain. When bad things happen to good people, we are tempted to wonder where God is in these situations. Why He allows some of these things to happen. Why He helps others out of a similar situation but others don’t make it.
In all these, keep on having faith in Him. It’s annoying to hear this when you are in pain but yes, God alone knows best. I used to keep a number of things in mind to ask God when I get to heaven. Maybe you could do the same because He needs to answer some of our questions.

I don’t know the best way to end this write up. What got me writing this long essay 🤣 in the first place was getting to know God Friended Me won’t have a third season. The truth is, I feel that the TV show shouldn’t just end. It brings me back to my topic when things don’t end the way you want it to. I guess I have to move on. 🤦🏾‍♂‍🤦🏾‍♂‍

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  1. A friend said life is full of curves and turns.

    1. That you never see coming your way

  2. God certainly knows best! Yes, sometimes it is so difficult but we have to keep hope alive!

    1. Certainly 🙏🏿

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