When Your Trap Catches a Prey

It wasn’t like him not to be home at this time especially when it was about raining. We all kept asking mum where her husband was. She was also a bit worried because she couldn’t reach him. She was told his number was switched off or it was out of coverage area. This was strange because this man’s phone is always fully charged before he steps out of home and keeps the family informed wherever he goes. We all patiently waited for him to get back or to call back. Some minutes later, mum gave us the news that he had called her with his brother’s phone to say that his had been stolen. ‘Oh! was what I could say on hearing that news although I had a lot to say. To reserve my comments for the right time, I quickly added that since his brother sells phones, he would get a new one soon. 

Fast forward to the week after, I told my parents I wasn’t going to work because I was tired and needed to rest. I explained to them how my body was ‘behaving sick’ and therefore needed to rest my mind and body. My dad, in a typical African father’s tone, retorted “what tiredness! Is this not an excuse not to go to work?” 

Now, let me tell you something about my dad and most African fathers; they are always right! They never made any mistakes when they were growing up. They accomplished and met standards in their youth which the current generation’s youth struggles with. They were and are still hardworking unlike us. They were not careless, silly, and clumsy and whatever negative thing they think of us. So my dad is a superman..😂 and so is your dad and we all know that. Oh, I forgot to add, they were very smart in school and they never failed any paper or major exam. 

Growing up, I was the black sheep of the family at a point. We all took turns with being the black sheep, my older sister was the all-time best black sheep though. I was the on and off black sheep but I was constantly clumsy. I will drop anything I pick – plates, glasses, my mother’s blender, my dad’s favourite mug, just name them … lol. I don’t know what it was with my hands or how I did it but my name was always mentioned when something went wrong in the house. I didn’t only get teased by my siblings; my father scolded me for my clumsiness. This scolding is part of the reasons I fight with him a lot. So, this evening, this man started a lecture on why I didn’t deserve the rest I was convinced I needed. 

In as much as we all hate growing up at a times, I love the fact that we can now tell our parents how we feel without the fear of being beaten. Hahaha! I told him not to start with me that evening and before he gave me his lecture, he should tell me how he managed to sleep on-site and got his phone stolen. Going back home was going to be a nightmare if I had lost my phone like he did, I told him. The thought of all he would have said to me would have kept me out of home. I’ve lost my phone several times so I know what I am saying. Even this year, I lost a purse which contained my phone. I remember my father kept on telling me how careless I was after I told the family I had lost my purse with my phone in it. That was the last thing I needed to hear that morning at work, but my father told me all the same.  

Everyone in the house has had a share of his lecture. So we were all happy when we heard the story about how he decided to take a nap at work and got his phone stolen (God forgive us). Finally, this man had done something wrong. Finally, he has also been careless. He even innocently gave details about how he felt someone holding his hand and he ignored it, which we used against him later. I became the lecturer this time, “Like really, how could you”. As I “gave it” to my old man, his wife added on – call it a joint lecture. Oh mine, I was happy.  We laughed at him so much that he left my room quietly. That’s how I didn’t get a lecture about the need to keep working even when I’m tired. I knew he was going to tell me I needed to push my body to get used to the stress but thank God for his stolen phone I escaped that night…and with this weapon, we will have our peace of mind when being clumsy, silly and careless, at least for a while. 

Today I don’t have any words of motivation for you, just something to make you laugh and smile about and to tell you growing up can be fun sometimes as an African child. Just give yourself some time, one day your trap will catch a prey.

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