Would You Be Your Friend?!

I do more thinking than writing now. I’ve thought of a lot of things to write but I haven’t. How I wish my thoughts could form words and appear in my document as a write up. After four good days of thinking about this write up, I finally sit to write it out. I’ve been home baby sitting for some days now. Initially I thought I could use this time to also get some rest, only to come home and realise that school children are on vacation. My apartment looks very quiet. You would even think there are no children here but oh when their parents allow them some play time, it’s more than a mini school. The boys invite their friends over and it’s noisy. That’s how my much anticipated rest went down the drain. If my baby is not keeping awake, my neighbours on vacation are. After two days, I accepted the fact that there was no leave from work, it was working at home. I couldn’t even read like I had planned. All I do is keep an eye on another human being or three of them and ensure that the children don’t stand too close to the windows since we find ourselves on the second floor. In the midst of all this, I learnt something from them which I came to share with you today.

I had observed the children for a while, listening to them play and talk. I got to know some of them by their actions and I told myself that if I were a child, I would never come out and play with Lana. Lana is a four year old girl. She’s smart, vocal, brave and too-known. She’s one of my favourite little girl friends in the apartment but gosh I was tired for the other children she was playing with. She had a way of apologising and promising not to treat you bad again so you played with her. I’ve seen her do it to her cousin. She reminded me of how I decided one day as a child that I would not go to the rich people’s house in my neighbour to play and if my memory serves me right, I didn’t go there again. I made that decision with my area best friend Konadu and that was it. Konadu and I also decided not to talk or be friends with an annoying guy back then called Kojo because he insulted us(he disrespected us as females) and to date, we are not cool with the guy so yeah I guess you all now know where I’m coming from when I say I wouldn’t have played with Lana again if I was a child.

Lana is beautiful. That girl everyone wants to be friends with. Lana has all the cool toys, balloons, a kid’s tablet and she has a bicycle. The way she flexes with her things eh? Eiiii God ?????. The children stand by her as she plays on the tablet and you dare not try to touch it. I witnessed her giving it to her cousin to play with and out of nowhere she came and snatched it from him. I was like Ah Lana !! You should have seen how he was sitting on my couch looking all sad. I told him not to mind her as I gave him a bicycle toy to play with. What got me to that point of giving up on Lana was when she was instructing some older children to push her on her bicycle. She was like, “ hey I said to the right, not the left. Don’t you know your right? It’s ok stop! Stop!!. You there come and push me” Eiii Ewurade asem ben kwraa ni, all because they want to ride the bicycle. That’s when I told her not to talk to them like that, she should ask politely and also let them ride the bicycle. She didn’t like my advise so she went to her room with tears. I heard her mum tell her to come out and apologize to me but madam came back looking shy and started ahushing (being nice) me instead of apologising. Just after that, one of the girls busted her balloon. Eiii! I started laughing and I told the girl to run to her mother else what Lana will do to her. Lana went to her room and I heard her crying over her balloon, I had plans of giving her another one but I had to laugh first. I’ve not seen the girl on our floor again and I hope Lana forgets about it. Lana is forgiving and sweet so I know she’ll let it go. Come to think of it, we were all like Lana when we were children.

When my roommate got home that evening I was giving him the gist about Lana and how I wouldn’t want to be her friend. He laughed about it because he had also witnessed one of Lana moments . Later on I asked myself if I could sit back and watch how I related with friends and family back then and even now, will I be friends with myself?! I scanned through some of my friends. For some of them I would not even talk to me ever again. I’ve been mean to people in the past and I’ve planned to be mean to some people. I’m waiting patiently for them to bring themselves. My squad back in J.S.S were not that friendly, I must say. I’ve said some really mean and annoying things to people in my life. With that said I have also been a good friend anaaa?! Anyways, so I’m asking you if you were someone else, would you be friends with yourself? Would you like people to treat you the way you treat others? Do you think you would love the same actions you give out to be given to you? You see the way you talk and free your mind anyhow, if the same is done to you, will you be cool?! I can go on and on talking to myself and you but I know you get my message. The world is already stressful, let’s be more friendly and kind to people. I ask you again, will you be your friend if you were someone else??!

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  1. Nice piece dear. U always hit the hammer rite on the nail. Grt

    1. Thank You

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