As a measure to curb the spread of the Corona Virus, the government of Ghana joined other countries to encourage the practice of social distancing. Due to this, a shift system is practised in most work environments and my workplace is not exempted. We don’t get to see colleagues who have become very good friends often, and this distance is justified as a safety measure. For an entire week, I sit alone at a space I used to share with two others. The good part of this, is that, I get to tune the radio to any frequency without thinking about anyone especially my troublesome sitting partner who likes to listen to Sweet Melody from 8 a.m. to ‘Debbie o clock’(that’s for another write up..lol). Anyone who knows me well will tell you it will definitely end up at Citi fm. for the Breakfast Show with Bernard Avle and with Lexis Bill on Joy fm. at 2 p.m.. 

I love Friday Citi Breakfast Shows because there is a break from all the serious talks and discussions. They talk about entertainment and arts. I enjoy it more when it’s about music genres I love, which mostly is the case. Last Friday was no exception, it was a Shattawale day but in between the discussion, the presenter played other nice songs from different Ghanaian artistes and finally that of Wiyaala. She’s that artiste who is more popular outside Ghana than within the country because her style of music is not the kind most Ghanaians are used to.  Bernard dropped Wiyaala’s version of Osibisa’s world hit Woyaya (We are Going) and I had goose bumps all over. Damn, the song was something else! Wiyaala did justice to that song; from her voice to the instrumentals that made the “bom! Bom!. Ti bom! Ti bom! Bom Bom!!” I quickly searched and downloaded it from YouTube. I know this song, but listening to Wiyaala sing it brought a whole meaning to it.  Since the day I heard it, I can say for a fact that I have played it over a hundred times. It’s been on repeat for weeks now. A lot of things about life come to mind as I listen to this song. It brings this nostalgic feeling. Sometimes I feel like crying when I listen to it play. Other times it reminds me about death, and that, we are all headed somewhere and only the heavens know. Other times it boosts my confidence about life. It gives me hope. The song is on repeat as I write this. I really wish you could read this write up while listening to Wiyaala sing Woyaya.

‘We are going, heavens know where we are going but we know we will get there’. This is a line in her song but I ask – where are we going? How come the heavens know? C’mon Akua, God knows everything. How come we don’t even know if we will get there? Akua, you are just human, you are limited in your knowledge about the future. But some way, we believe we will get there. Maybe we won’t get to where we think we are going but definitely, we will get somewhere. Maybe that ‘somewhere’ is where heaven knows we are going. So yes, we know we will get there. These thoughts play back and forth.

A lot of things have changed my perspective about life this year. When you see young people like yourself at the peak of their lives, changing lives positively and those impacting their generation just die, you wonder where we are going and if it’s even worth it. When you think about how a virus has turned the world upside down, you wonder and in all these months when there is no major breakthrough with finding a cure or vaccine to this virus. Then again you think about the hassles, the sleepless night, and all the efforts we put in our journey of life every day. The road we thread on is not an easy one, much more difficult on the streets of Africa. The road is muddy and rough on our side of the world. The systems don’t help. The leaders don’t help. Your education doesn’t help like you thought it would and evil people won’t even let the young and good shine and as if all that wasn’t enough, now COVID 19. It’s definitely heavens alone that can know where we are going and even if we will get there because sometimes it is hard to believe we will make it out of here.

For some weird reason I feel whoever wrote this song knows too well about what I’m saying. Google tells me Annie Masembe from Uganda wrote it. The lyrics of the song is a short one but it says it all. My generation thinks the road is muddy and rough now when there’s asphalt road everywhere…lol. I can only imagine how that of Osibisa and Annie’s times looked like. They knew hardships. They saw poverty. They knew it was going to be hard. It would be unbearable. They knew it all but they choose to move forward. I believe they lost hope at a point. Yes, we will fail. Yes, it will be hard but they believed they will get there. Woyaya! We won’t give up. Woyaya!! We are going.

I love the feeling of hope this song gives. I love the part which says that it will be hard, we know that the road will be muddy and rough but we know we will get there. It reminds of this Bible verse, No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. There is nothing under the sun which will not pass away. Hard and difficult times will come but we move forward all the same. Whatever looks like a mountain now will definitely pass. It will become level ground or you will learn to climb that mountain and move on. Posterity will ask us why we gave up when others pushed so hard to get us where we are now. So we won’t give up. Woyaya! Woyaya! We are going. Woyaya!! Woyaya!! We are going to make a difference. Woyaya!!! We are going to make the path straight for the next generation. We will make history remember us. We will leave our marks on the earth. We won’t just pass through. We will make it count. Every step of the way will count. Even heavens know this.

Heavens knows where we are going and we will definitely get there in a grand style!

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