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This is probably going to be the last write up for the year for me. I’ve always wanted to post for some weeks now but every weekend comes with its issue and then I say the next one and here we are. If there’s one thing we can all agree on is the fact that 2020 has been overwhelming. From March up until now. I can’t help but wonder what 2021 has in store for us all. I wish it will take a break from all the hustles and shocks we received this year. The later part was extremely hard for me. The news of death was just too much. I was even scared viewing people’s WhatsApp status because I didn’t want to see another beautiful young lady or young man with the dove ?️ beneath their pictures. Even though I didn’t know some of them, the sight of young people just passing on sends shivers down my spine. I don’t even want to start with love ones who lost people close to them. 

These thoughts were running through my head as I sat in the office waiting for the Uber I had ordered to come pick me up. I was tired. I just wanted to get home and lie flat on the floor under the ceiling fan with my eyes closed. It has become one of my routines now when I get home. I just lie down for like five to ten minutes. It’s refreshing. My thoughts were interrupted with a phone call by the Uber driver. He had arrived. I bid my colleagues’ goodbye and went to sit in the Uber. I greeted and leaned back taking a deep breath. Then I thought I heard the driver talk to me. So I asked him, please did you say something? He said yes, I asked you how you are. I sighed and said I’m fine thank you. I asked myself, are you fine? Yes, I am fine. A little tired and stressed but oh I’m fine. 

So let me ask you How are you? Wait o… I know you are fine but How are you? I’m not looking for our fake I’m fine, I’m blessed, I couldn’t be any better answers we all like to give. I want to hear your real answer. I hope irrespective of the answer you give, you will add but I’m well. My first paragraph was all about the bad happenings around us. Things have been hard this year. People have lost their jobs, people have had their salaries slashed into two and three, people have lost love one’s, people have fallen along the way all over the world but irrespective of all the hard times, if you are even just ok then I think you are lucky. No, you are blessed. 

I was at the hospital last week waiting in line to see the doctor when I young man was rushed in by his friends to the emergency room. His friends were speaking to him to stop what he was doing, they were screaming, almost in tears as they watched their friend on the stretcher unresponsive. After I said a silent prayer in my head for the young man, I said thank you, Lord. Since that day, I always say thank you Lord with a lot of meaning.  I don’t know what’s you’ve been through this year but let’s cut 2020 some slack. It’s been a good year in its unique way. Maybe if we will stop thinking about all the negatives and begin to focus on the good times this year brought us, we will say thank you with a lot of meaning. As the songwriter said, count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you to see what the Lord has done. 

We could start counting now. You are alive. You breathe perfectly well on your own. You can blink your eyes right. You just did. You can feed yourself. You have your taste buds working well. You enjoy your meals. You manage to sleep every night all by yourself without any medication. That’s wonderful. Your legs are functional. You can walk, skip and even run. I guess your fingers and hands are working because you have your phone’s in your hands now reading. You are reading. Your brains are working. You are even privileged to be able to read these. You have people or even someone who cares about you. Even if you don’t feel so most of the time, just know that there’s someone in your family or out there who cares. Charley the system is hard but you are still grinding. You are still here and that’s the most important thing. I know you’ve all heard that a dog that is alive is better than a dead lion. So cheer up.

Next week is Christmas and then we step into the new year. I’m very hopeful that the coming year will be good. I’m still keeping my positive attitude and thoughts for 2021. If you have the means to have fun this festive season, please do. You deserve it. Even if you can’t afford all the big things, I’ve come to enjoy little things as I’ve grown in years because it comes with its pleasures. I really do hope you enjoy this season. And remember that you ought to give God thanks through it all. It’s by His Grace we are still here and didn’t die by June…???

From Team Melanin Girl to our cherished readers, Have a Glorious Merry Christmas and Marvelous New year. We Love you.

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  1. Indeed God has been good and I’m grateful. He has really hold us down.

  2. There definitely is light at the end of every tunnel! Thanks so much for reminding us! God we are forever grateful!

    1. Amen!!

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